Lying by omission

[Here a most popular example (medically) is failing to inform your listeners or viewers of your conflict of interests.  Eg 60 Minutes failed to inform that Paul Offit receives money from Merck, the maker of the MMR vaccine, and he is a patent holder on a Rotavirus vaccine.  He is a Pharma shill, and we always see David Elliman, Dr Elizabeth Miller, Dr Helen Bedford write letters and appear on the media with no mention that they receive money from vaccine makers.  The media lies by omission 24/7, by delivering propaganda and suppressing the truth such as non-Allopathic cancer cures, and the truth on 911 etc etc.]

"I think questioning vaccines is perfectly reasonable. But I think that when one looks at the data, and sees that vax are safe and effective and...still...says, 'Well, I think there's a conspiracy to sell vaccines' or 'I think my doctor's lying to me,' I think that's when you cross some sort of critical line," says Offit. "What I'm asking is that people trust their experts. And that's sort of a hard thing to politically accept."  (CBS) 60 MinutesOctober 20, 2004

"If they were willing to look at all the studies that were done with vaccines, they would find that they are, I think without question, the safest, best-tested thing we put into our bodies," says Offit. "I think they have a better safety record than vitamins.  (CBS) 60 MinutesOctober 20, 2004

My personal position with regard to immunisation is that I believe parents should be able to make an informed choice.  I believe that that is impossible, because most doctors have no idea what the full information is.  They THINK they do, but they don’t.   They recommend what they are told to.  The information given to parents is carefully crafted to ensure that parents are too scared not to vaccinate.  What is presented is usually accurate, but not truthful, because the information lies by omission. 17 years in this domain has also taught me that people believe what they want to believe.  This applies to journalists, scientists, doctors and parents. Vaccines and the Immune System by Hilary Butler

Monopoly Media Manipulation by Dr. Michael Parenti  The media downplay stories of momentous magnitude. In 1965 the Indonesian military — advised, equipped, trained, and financed by the U.S. military and the CIA — overthrew President Achmed Sukarno and eradicated the Indonesian Communist Party and its allies, killing half a million people (some estimates are as high as a million) in what was the greatest act of political mass murder since the Nazi Holocaust. The generals also destroyed hundreds of clinics, libraries, schools, and community centers that had been established by the Communists. Here was a sensational story if ever there was one, but it took three months before it received passing mention in Time magazine and yet another month before it was reported in the New York Times (April 5, 1966), accompanied by an editorial that actually praised the Indonesian military for “rightly playing its part with utmost caution.”