World's Largest Media Source Controlled by World's Largest Drug Company

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Reuters supplies the global business community and news media with a range
of products including real-time financial data, transaction systems, access
to numeric and textual historical databases, news and pictures. In my view
they are the strongest news collection agency in the world, and they supply
the majority of the news you hear on the radio, see on TV or read in the
paper. They are also a major source of news for my Web site and my blog.

Three years ago Glaxo Wellcome-SmithKline merged with Beecham to create the
world's largest drug company. This company is one of the primary
distributors of hepatitis B vaccine, which I frequently warn about.

Well, a Texas attorney provided me with some documentation that shows a
strong link between Glaxo and Reuters. As shown on the GlaxoSmithKline Web
site, Sir Christopher Hogg is Glaxo's non-executive chairman. Sir
Christopher Hogg was born in 1936 and has an MBA from Harvard.
Interestingly, Sir Christopher is also the non-executive chairman at Reuters.

It does not take much intelligence to understand that Reuters, the world's
primary source of news information, is heavily prejudiced in favor of the
drug company. We have a major uphill battle to fight against these forces.
Fortunately, the Internet and technology has seriously leveled the playing
field and is one of the primary reasons why I remain highly confident that
we are making more than a dent in the process.

For one, this newsletter is starting to make a difference. Earlier this
year I began promoting raw milk and it started to make a national
impact--so much so that an investigative reporter from the Wall Street
Journal did an extensive interview with me for a recent front-page story on
the topic. National Fox News also did an extensive interview with me on the
same topic. Interestingly, both of these organizations neglected to include
me in their final stories.

The important point to realize though is that this newsletter--and you--are
making a difference. The major national media is starting to pay attention.
They have no choice. We have to capture media attention to expand the
message of health care freedom from the drug company tyranny. SO, please
continue to encourage all your friends and relatives to sign up for the
free newsletter so you and your children can have a healthier future.