[2008] IACC meeting by Carol Hoernlein, P.E.


I was present at the May 12 meeting of the IACC and presented my Chart to them and explained exactly how the vaccines and diet and particularly the way that free glutamate in vaccines INCREASES the risk of mercury poisoning from ANY SOURCE.

The Autism Speaks reps, quite frankly, appalled me. Their ONLY concern was MONEY. Not the science. It seemed that many in the room in real positions to help only cared about how long their boondoggle positions would last. They cared not one bit - it seemed - for the children - or the parents who have valid reasons and scientific data to BACK UP their distrust of vaccines. The Government reps there looked afraid to take my information. They were hardly grateful for any new knowledge. They don't want to find the cause or the cure even when I walked up to them and handed them everything. The minutes don't give my exact words. They mentioned something about diet - but skipped over the most important part of my testimony.

The most important part of my testimony, which they want to gloss over - is that free glutamic acid which is found in EVERY VACCINE in the US, affects the formation of glutathione - which one of the genes for ASD codes for. Glutathione gets rid of mercury from any source. The mercury doesn't have to be in the vaccine for vaccines to cause heavy metal injury. That is why you all have to get off your thimerosal high horse to get at the truth. The vaccines cause heavy metal injury even when the vaccines DON'T have mercury in them. I keep posting in the vain hope some of you folks will stop talking past each other and listen to each other - and to what I have just said.

The IACC is NOT interested in getting at the truth - just in job security. The AS folks are only interested in money and job security. I was appalled by those folks. The only folks who had valid arguments and things to say were the parents in the meeting. They deserve to be listened to - they are not crazy - vaccines DO cause ASD in those with susceptible genes, vaccines do cause mercury damage EVEN WHEN THE VACCINE itself doesn't even have mercury in it, and DIET does help mitigate the damage.

Please, please, please will somebody listen?? Just give me a sign I'm getting through. I can help you but only if you stop and listen for just one second and look at the chart I gave to the folks at the IACC. Http://www.msgtruth.org

This AIN'T ABOUT THIMEROSOL. It's about mercury in the environment in general and how vaccines with free glutamic acid make mercury FROM ANY SOURCE, MORE harmful and hard to get rid of for those with the autism gene RNF8 - located at 6p21.2 (chromosome 6 - position 21.2)

If I hear the word thimerosol one more time - I think I will scream. It means
1) STILL nobody is paying attention
2) Parents will never get anywhere with the vaccine pushers - because a vaccine WITHOUT thimerosol is STILL dangerous
3)Taking thimerosol OUT still leaves GLUTAMATE IN.

Please help me know I am getting through and not wasting my time here.