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Four Corners lung disease

[2010 Dec] Yellow Dirt By Lee Camp  The experts decided that the disorder was genetic in origin.....Even after some of the Navajo families received compensation, admittedly small, from a mining company settling a suit due to the exposure of the childrenís mothers to water contaminated by uranium mining during their pregnancies, the research for a genetic cause continued.  Some of the genetic researchers theorized that reduced mitochondrial levels might be involved.  A few researchers allowed for an environmental trigger. But the genetic focus continued even as occurrences apparently decreased as use of contaminated water decreased

[2005] Peyote on the Brain: Nature's Cure for Alcoholism

[vid] Navajo nation contaminated by uranium ore  In Northeast Arizona the Navajo nation is living on contaminated land. The land was once full or uranium ore and in the 1940's the Navajo natives were employed by the US government to mine the Uranium ore. But since then the Navajo have been suffering severe health issues from the contamination of the elevated levels of radiation.

A Look at the Indian Health Service Policy of Sterilization, 1972-1976 by Charles R. England

A History of Governmentally Coerced Sterilization: The Plight of the Native American Woman By Michael Sullivan DeFine

[2011 May] Genocide by Other Means: U.S. Army Slaughtered Buffalo in Plains Indian Wars

Native American genocide  Holocausts  A deluge of words was written on this topic. Hundreds of facets of this issue can be argued, but no amount of words can obscure the glacial reality of the fact that among the countless atrocities of the last centuries, by far the greatest were the genocide of the native Americans (magnitude of this holocaust is estimated by David Stannard in his American Holocaust, 1992, pp. 74-75, p.151) to be 100 million people for the hemisphere and 18 million for the area north of Mexico), deaths associated with the slavery trade  (estimated to be 28 million people, cf., Stannard, p. 151) , and the holocaust of the Jewish people (estimated to be 6 million people). According to 1909 Census, the number of Cherokees was 369,035, Navajo 225,298, Sioux 107,321, Apache 53,330,  Cheyenne 11,809 and Comanche 11,437. In the 1910, the total population of North American Indians was about 400,000, down from about 18 -19 million in 1492

On the way to Flagstaff we stopped at Four Corners, which is the point where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet.  Itís also a natural vortex & formerly a national park.  Now the Navajo tribe owns it and regulates the activity there. We didnít see any smog on our drive through the Ute Reservation in Utah, but suddenly we were immersed in it as we arrived at Four Corners to offer the holy handgrenade to the guardian of that vortex.  Carol said the vortex was being kept pristine by the Navajo shamans, but that our offering had been accepted in honor of the unity of humanity.  A very old raven showed up and appeared to want our attention.  Carol told me to follow the raven to find the right spot to put the Holy Handgrenade (HHg), and just then the raven flew to a pile of large stones about a hundred yards away. I went to that spot and put the HHg in among the stones as the raven watched from a few paces away. Carol said she saw a Navajo womanís image superimposed on the raven.
........A few minutes later, a car that came up behind us slowed to match our speed and the driver looked at the orgone pyramid in the back window and the six feet long cloudbuster, which was between the seats, with the top end resting on the dashboard.  I asked her if the fellow was a felonious fed spook and she said, no, heís just a regular guy stuck in the Matrix that the spooks were using to look at our devices. They caused him to slow down and were looking through his eyes to see our stuff, just like the Navajo medicine woman was using the raven in a nicer way. [2001] The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft Ė Parts 1 - 10