Here's another gardner who uses orgonite, folks!


Itís been a long time since Iíve written.

My natural focus is on somatic, body-oriented psychology, with a
transpersonal approach. I'm not employed as a healer, however, this
describes my approach to the world. I am ultimately interested in the
transformational aspects of the energy qualities of your discovery. I
donít write much about my personal response to predatory attacks on
myself and family but I thank you and Carol for the instruction. And I
do send energy when requested. When you were in Africa I set my SP on
for you 24-7.

Iíve been active busting towers, natural vortexes and architecture all
around me, and the confirmations are clear in the sky and in the general
ambience. I am working now on setting some Ďpeace-pipesí, as my friend
Greg Brown calls them, into place before I leave town. I hope that there
are others locally who are doing the same work. If there are I donít
know about them.

My husband and I have together been involved with radical agronomy for
about 20 years. Heís a landscaper (among other things, as we are both
completely self-employed in various ways) and weíve been placing TBs in
private and public gardens for a year.

Weíve recently been accepted for a supervisory position at a botanical
garden in Mexico. This is with a grass-roots organization that is
working to support indigenous farming methods in Latin America and
Africa, especially where agriculture has been disrupted by CIA promotion
of poisonous chemicals and corporate seed stock. The botanical garden
acts as a plant library of food and medicine species and is host to many

I want to gather a packet of information and reports from people about
their experiences with using orgonite creations in conjunction with
plant growing. Iím especially interested in the work that Steeve is
doing, and I hope that at some point he will offer the results of his
experiments. I would like to gently introduce these concepts and it
would be more impressive if I had some solid documentation to offer.

This year I introduced TBs into the community organic garden where I
keep a plot. The folks I talked with were polite but seemed
uninterested. I must have overestimated my garden partners because when
I handed around packets of Yardwormís paramagnetic earth I found that no
one had heard of using rock dust before! I had a plan to offer a
workshop on making orgonite creations for agricultural use but it didnít
have the support it needed to happen.

I had set HHGs around the garden and immediately came under
surveillance. Because of my schedule, when I went over to plant or water
I was usually the only one there. And what was new was the groups of 2
or 3 men who always gathered on the street around a white truck, keeping
an eye on me. The garden is next door to a power plant and the main
offices of the local utility company, who donate the land for the
garden, and so my efforts were not unnoticed.

Then one evening I was alone (no watchers this time) at dusk watering my
corn and a man Iíd never seen before rode in on his bicycle and
approached me. He was a very good-looking man with white hair but a
smooth face and piercing blue eyes. His clothing was expensive outdoor
gear and his bike top-of the line, unusual for the poor neighborhood in
which the garden is located. He followed me around asking questions and
making comments and while his speech was innocuous, he was trying to get
too close to me and I kept moving around, putting the patch of corn
between us. Something about him terrified me. I think that had I not
been wearing Carolís HP and holding a sharp spade something might have
happened to me.

I blasted him after I got home and haven't seen him since.

I was not sure what to think when you started your invitation-only
board. Having watched this group on the net has been such an unsettling
experience. Seeing all the bannings and attacks and slurs has certainly
given me caution about really taking a public stand. I sometimes leave
the boards feeling like Iíve walked through a hall of smoke and mirrors.
Watching the good guys become the bad guys and back again, on say-so,
and then reading about the behind the scenes situations regarding some
of the pronouncements makes me feel like I donít know who to trust.

In the past I have tended to drop my attention away from communication
groups that take on such a dysfunctional character, but the topic at
hand is so vital and of interest that I keep at it, even though it's
often confusing and I have a hard time with it. I can say that working
with all the disturbing feelings that come up have helped me to deepen
and to refine my perceptions in general.

Your board has improved since you made the call for feedback and now I
see what you mean. It is refreshing to see a larger proportion of
substantive posts and a lack of in-fighting. I do not enjoy the
occasional negative comments toward the other boards but that is my only
criticism. I will not have daily internet access when I go away next
month, but I will check in from the internet cafť from time to time to
read what folks are saying.

Well, I guess thatís all I have to say for now.

<> Lisa


Thanks very much for the reports and the critique, Lisa. I'm putting this on in hope that it will admonish anyone who wants to take a shot at previous boards and if anyone catches me doing that I want to be told, as I'm just as thick as anyone sometimes, of course.

We use Greg's Peace Pipes only in bodies of water, by the way. We use EarthPipes in the ground but only when there are ratty underground targets. Otherwise, plain orgonite works to boost plantlife and ambience and I think Steeve and Greg are both developing some very fine protocols, as you probably are, too.

The two resonant cavity pipe devices are quite different in design and function, though orgonite always has a beneficial effect, even as a shapeless lump. I hope you'll copy the Gifting recommendations in the 'Tips and Strategies' section before you go to Mexico, and that you'll take plenty of cheap quartz bits and little crystals with you!

Not much gifting has been done in Mexico, yet, as far as I know, but what gets done there gets a huge result, apparently. Jaime's gifting Monterrey thoroughly and our own don Luis has been gifting Mexicali, which has a forest of new death towers, so must be important territory to the bad guys.

There are plenty of internet cafes in Mexico, so I hope you'll keep us informed.

The only advantage to publishing accounts about attacks is that it exposes the attackers that much more and provides considerable and immediate relief to the gifter.

We started doing that 3 1/2 years ago just to save our butts, of course, during a time when the CIA was closing in on us because of the new cloudbuster design we'd demonstrated in Florida. We didn't conceive that a global network was going to spring up around this effort then but the betrayals, disinformation and subterfuge started immediately when the network began forming, a few months after Ken Adachi started publishing my journal reports and another associate set up the first cloudbuster forum.

Ken's been one of the few unwavering associates, in fact. Most of the early ones have turned against us by now, I'm sorry to say, and that had nothign at all to do with Carol's or my character flaws or actions. We're all accountable for our choices to heal or destroy, of course.

Please recognize that this is typical of the progress of any genuinely beneficial movement in the world, Lisa, and try not to let that fact disturb you. This isn't a religion or even an organization; we're just disseminating genuine, empowering information. There are Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, REpublicans, Democrats, pagans, atheists, homosexuals, petty thieves, saintly folk, shady characters, mysogynists, reformers, evangelists, communists, anarchists, fascists, etc., who are gifting now and I support them all in that effort without feeling obliged to promote any ideology, dogma, lifestyle or worldview. A lot of them hate me but I still support their gifting efforts. I'm not here to judge anyone, nor does any other living human have that job, as far as I know.

The obvious question for anyone, in this context, is: if you visit a site which leaves you feeling ennervated and discouraged, what induces you to return to that site again and again, especially if you can get a cleaner form of that continually updated information on other sites?

If I have any genius at all, it's in stating the obvious and 'common sense' and 'conventional wisdom' are still my favorite oxymorons.

Calling a spade a spade is part of the process of the growth of any genuine grassroot movement because candid consultation is absolutely essential in even an informal group effort. When that degrades into slander and backbiting, though, it's obviously gone too far and we need to hold ourselves accountable, specifically, when that happens.

This is a giant step beyond the touchy-feely, 'blind to all evil' millieu that disables so many other viable efforts right now.

My quest is to find more and more nice people who are also smart. There's a good sampling of that combo on, as you can see. Most smart people are selfish, conniving jerks and most nice people are impotent half-men and half-women, easily affected by subterfuge. The only reason I never visit boards where subterfuge prevails is that I'm smart enough to know that I'm not immune from those debilitating effects.

If one who is thirsty is presented with two glasses of water, one of which is cleaner than the other, one will naturally choose the clean one. What amount of programming would be required for one to automatically pick the dirty one? This is the root of the problem you've brought up, I think, and we'll probably all remain programmed to some extent until our last breath, so I'm not castigating you.

If one is more genuinely disgusted by an ill-advised but isolated critical comment on than by the red tide of concerted slander and sabotage on competing boards then one may well look inside oneself and see the powerful effects of subterfuge at work.

To ignore subterfuge and sabotage is to enable it, of course, but to discuss it dispassionately and objectively, without actually dwelling on it, disables its deeper long term effects. This is clearly everyone's challenge right now. It's a global challenge related, perhaps, to a phase of a vast cosmic cycle. It's only reflected in our effort.

Discernment, like accountability, is an inescapable responsibility for every living human and this is all coming to the fore these days, finally, thank God.

I've written your email address in my book so that anyone who has an abiding, active interest in applying orgonite and/or related tech to agriculture/horticulture and who contacts me will be referred to you. Thanks so much for offering to be a resource!