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Dr. Thomas Rau MD


Biological medicine as practised by Dr. Thomas Rau MD, Director of the .Swiss Paracelsus Clinic Lustmuhle, combines the most modern diagnostic equipment with a wide range of natural healing methods.

Biological medicine is a comprehensive and integrated approach to health and illness. Rather than just    A treating symptoms, biological medicine heals the whole person by finding  the root causes for disease in our regulatory systems. 'Biological' medicine shows logically how we get ill by identifying the sequential phases of degeneration which lead us to various chronic diseases.

Illness is defined as a loss of regulatory capacity: that is, the inability to correctly respond to a wide variety of internal, environmental and lifestyle factors. The internal milieu or terrain, a central idea in biological medicine, needs to be balanced so that pathogenic microbial forms cannot develop and cause numerous diseases. Internal sites of chronic focal infections and 'disturbance fields' are other important factors frequently overlooked in the treatment of degenerative diseases.

Biological dentistry integrates the close relationship between the teeth and  body in the development of illness. Tooth problems (amalgam fillings, root canals and dental focal infections) can profoundly affect our health, often without our being aware of their undermining influences.

In biological medicine, healing is defined as the restoration of regulatory capacity. This is achieved by removing the physical and emotional blockages to self-healing. Detoxification methods, immune system activation and the mobilisation of healing at the psychospiritual level enable the regeneration of body, mind and soul.


The Paracelsus Clinic Lustmuhle, established since 1958, is widely recognised as a centre of excellence for natural medicine. It has now grown into a dynamic team of 80 highly committed people. This includes 8 doctors, 5 dentists, natural health practitioners, nurses and other staff. Absolutely unique to the Paracelsus Clinic is the integration of a holistic dental practice. The clinic has educational facilities for in-house staff training and offers seminars for other practitioners. It also has its own pharmacy for natural remedies and an organic whole food restaurant. The Paracelsus doctors and staff all speak English.

The Paracelsus Clinic specialises in the treatment of chronic, degenerative and tumour diseases. The advanced diagnostic tests include darkfield microscopy, biological terrain assessment, electro-acupuncture (Voll), thermography, dental panoramic x-rays, heavy metal evaluation, heart rate variability testing, hair mineral analysis and many others.

Treatments are individualised and are comprised of isopathy according to Enderlein, dietary therapy, acid-alkaline balancing, anthroposophic medicine, homeopathy, neural therapy, osteopathy, oxygenating and ozone therapies, Chinese medicine, herbal remedies, colonies, bioresonance therapy, local and systemic hyperthermia, bodywork, psychospiritual and energetic healing amongst others. The Paracelsus doctors are leading experts on Enderlein therapy, darkfield microscopy and the detoxification of heavy metals.

Dr. Thomas Rau MD

Dr. Thomas Rau MD attended medical school at Berne University and also graduated in the USA. He has worked as a hospital physician in rheumatology, internal and general medicine. From 1981 to 1992 Dr. Rau was the Medical Director of a Swiss clinic for rheumatology and rehabilitation medicine. Since this time he trained in homeopathy and many natural therapies. Dr. Rau teaches naturopathic healing methods, dietary, neural and isopathic therapies. In 1993 Dr. Rau became the Medical Director and part-owner of the Paracelsus Clinic Lustmuhle. He was founder and President of the Swiss Homotoxicological and Regulative Therapy Society, and is a Board member of The International Society of Milieu Therapy, Isopathy and Enderlein  Medicine. Dr. Rau's articles are widely published and be lectures internationally.


The Biological Medicine Network in the USA was set up to spread the word about the Paracelsus Clinic and biological medicine. Thanks to the Network many North American patients now travel to Switzerland regularly for their primary health and dental care as well as for preventive health maintenance.

The Biological Medicine Network was founded in 1997 by Dr. Rau together with Michael and Margie Baldwin, Directors of the Marion Foundation, a charitable organisation based in Marion, Massachusetts. The BMN is growing primarily by word of mouth, and has now become an active community of interested people and satisfied patients. The BMN also has a certification training in biological medicine for healthcare practitioners, taught by Dr. Rau and his colleagues.

The BMN UK was started in 2002, as another affiliate to the Paracelsus Clinics. The Director, Monica Bryant, has worked in the field of biological medicine, health and psychology for over 20 years. She has been a university lecturer and has trained health care practitioners internationally in the work of Prof. G. Enderlein.

The role of the Biological Medicine Network UK is to:


The main clinic is the Paracelsus Clinic Lustmuhle, St. Gallen, which is located in the beautiful Swiss mountains, an hour east of Zurich. This clinic provides care on an outpatient basis with nearby hotels enabling patients to stay for several weeks at a time. The Paracelsus Clinic Lustmuhle treats patients from all over the world. Now that the demand for the Paracelsus model of integrated biological medicine is increasing worldwide, three other Paracelsus Clinics have opened in recent years. Each of these clinics is situated in exceptionally attractive locations:

Paracelsus Clinica Al Rone, Castaneda, Southern Switzerland

Clinica Paracelsus, Raima de Mallorca, Spain

Paracelsus Foxhollow Clinic, Crestwood, Kentucky, USA

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