7/7   A.J. Hill

The Political Persecution of a 7/7 Truther

December 11, 2010

Screen shot 2010-12-12 at 15.18.50 PM.pngby Debra Siddons
(for henrymakow.com)
Several weeks ago, the Supreme Court of Ireland proved to everyone
just how corrupt they are  when they extradited A.J. Hill, also known to
supporters as "Muad'Dib", for mailing DVDs of His Film, the "7/7 Ripple Effect" to a U.K. courthouse.

A.J. Hill is now in prison in the U.K., awaiting trial there.  He faces the possibility of life in prison if convicted of the ludicrous charge of "...intending to pervert the course of justice..." for telling the truth to prevent a miscarriage of justice.  When did telling the truth become a crime?  Life in prison for telling the truth?

If you are touched by this true story, you are probably wondering what you can do. We need to unite and continue to get the truth out to as many people as will listen.

We know the solution is NOT to return to the U.S. Constitution or the British legal system or the Magna Carta, or any other set of man-made rules, which have ALL failed to provide true freedom, true justice or true peace.  The fact that we are in this mess right now should serve as PROOF to everyone that all of these nice and noble sounding constitutions don't work and in fact were given to us by the N.W.O. to deflect us from the ONLY Solution that will defeat the N.W.O.  The Solution that THEY don't want YOU to know about.


A.J. Hill produced the "7/7 Ripple Effect" documentary film to expose the British government's official cover-up of the July 7, 2005 London tube-train bombings.  He then had the spiritual backbone to send DVDs to a U.K. courtroom to correct the judge and the QC barrister's attempt to mislead the jury during the trial of the three accused.  All three men have since been found not guilty on those charges, but the British government is so embarrassed that it is punishing A.J. Hill for making the film and trying to silence him by throwing him in prison.  This is a clear cut case of malicious political prosecution.

The DVDs of the "7/7 Ripple Effect" should have been received as an Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) brief, as they were intended, to prevent a miscarriage of justice.  Anyone with an open-mind who watches the film, which is less than an hour in length and uses only mainstream media reports, should be able to see that A.J. Hill's Intentions were pure and truthful.

Anyone with an open-mind who researches this case should be appalled to learn that NOT ONE SINGLE JUDGE IN IRELAND VIEWED THE DVD BEFORE CONCLUDING THAT A.J. HILL'S INTENTIONS WARRANTED EXTRADITION.  How could a court determine his Intentions without ever viewing the DVD?

The only reasonable explanation is that the Irish Courts were under direct orders from the British crown to hand A.J. Hill over to silence Him and make an example of him.

If you doubt that things are really this bad, please study this case.

See for yourselves. This is NOT about DVD's, it is about THIS DVD:-"7/7 Ripple Effect", which can also be downloaded for free at http://jforjustice.co.uk

If you already know that things are this bad, and are looking for ways to help, please get involved.  Get the word out to others, both about this case and about the film.  If you have the facilities to do so, please make copies of the "7/7 Ripple Effect" and give them out to everyone you know.  Forewarned is forearmed, but time is running out, as this gross injustice should hopefully prove to everyone.

Wake-up Fremen/Free-men.  It is time to follow Muad'Dib's Example and fight for what is right in God's Eyes.  If you won't stand up for someone else now, who will be left to stand up for you when they come to imprison YOU for telling the truth?

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