The Pottenger Cat Study
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"The cats receiving raw meat and raw milk reproduced in homogeneity from one generation to the next. Abortion was uncommon and the mother cats nursed their young in a normal manner. The cats had good resistance to vermin, infections, and parasites. They behaved in a predictable manner. Their organic development was complete and functioned normally.
    Cats receiving the cooked-meat scraps reproduced a heterogeneous strain of kittens, each kitten of the litter being different in skeletal pattern. Abortion in these cats was common, running about 25 per cent in the first generation to about 70 per cent in the second generation. Deliveries were in general difficult, many cats dying in labor. Mortality rates of the kittens were high, frequently due to the failure of the mother to lactate. The kittens were often too frail to nurse."

Francis M. Pottenger, MD and "The Hazards of a Health Fetish" By Ron Schmid, ND We've seen that the "Health Fetish" authors used technically (logically) true statements to completely distort Dr. Pottenger's findings. Only careful study of Pottenger's article would allow the choice of precisely the right words to accomplish this while avoiding making false statements. We may hope that the authors gained considerable understanding of Pottenger's work and its implications for the health of people everywhere. Perhaps they may someday use that knowledge in the way Dr. Pottenger intended.

Pottenger's Cats - A Study in Nutrition by Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD

Pottenger's Cats -A Study in Nutrition