Pro-family activist: 'Everybody does it' is Verizon's excuse for porn videos

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, March 21, 2014

A major corporation is being taken to task by the public for offering filth to consumers then making excuses for it. 

Pat Trueman, who heads Morality in Media, first alerted the public to the problem: Verizon's cable service has a "great number of child-themed pornography videos" that he describes as "hardcore."

"That supposedly depict children," he further explains, "but obviously they're older than 18. But they're meant to excite people who like to have sex with children."

Some of the videos depict incest.

Trueman wrote Verizon to complain, and the corporation defended itself in two ways: other companies offer the same materials, and their goal is to offer something for everybody. (Click here to read Verizon's letter). 

"Now think about that," Trueman tells OneNewsNow. "They want to offer something for those men who want children. That's what Verizon is proud of."

Verizon and others are protected by Attorney General Eric Holder who will not prosecute, Trueman says, but the public can speak out by going to the website and signing a petition.

They can also personally contact Verizon to politely object. 

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