Hexagram  911

Ptech Logo is the Star of David

by Christopher Bollyn

May 12, 2012

I just watched a short video about the CBS News coverage of the FBI raid of Ptech in December 2002 and immediately noticed that the Ptech company logo is actually a partially hidden "Star of David", the hexagram that is the symbol of the State of Israel.  

Ptech was a Mossad false-front operation through which it pretended to be an Arab-Muslim owned business (tied to Saudi sponsors of Al Qaida, no less), when in fact it was an Israeli military intelligence operation engaged in getting sophisticated enterprise spy software onto U.S. government computers.  This access was essential to the 9-11 plot because it allowed the Israelis to have real-time access to all the information on the government and military computer systems. 

It is typical for Israeli intelligence operations to hide in plain sight, which is what we see with the Ptech logo.

The Ptech logo becomes the symbol of the state of Israel when the dark lines that break the visible triangle are extended and connected to form the second triangle, which is not seen.

By extending the dark lines (of the unseen triangle) that cross the triangle in the Ptech logo, and weaving them under the visible triangle, one gets the interlocked hexagram of the state of Israel.  This is purely intentional. 


Bollyn, Christopher, Ptech Diagram with 9-11 Connections

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