Break the Chains of Pharmaceutical Colonialism


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CHAPTER 1: The Hallmark of Pharmaceutical Colonialism
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CHAPTER 2: The Nature of the Pharmaceutical Investment Business With Disease
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CHAPTER 3: The Pharmaceutical Investment Business With the AIDS Epidemic
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CHAPTER 4: The Vitamin Community Programme in Khayelitsha
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CHAPTER 5: Micronutrients Help Improve Immune Deficiencies The Scientific Evidence
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CHAPTER 6: Micronutrients Help Improve Immune Deficiencies Support from WHO / UNICEF and other UN-Organisations
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CHAPTER 7: The Origin of Pharmaceutical Colonialism
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CHAPTER 8: The Pharmaceutical Industry Behind the Medical Experiments in the Nazi Concentration Camps
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CHAPTER 9: The Pharmaceutical Industry As an Economic Pillar of Apartheid South Africa
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CHAPTER 10: Apartheid Laws Protecting the Pharmaceutical Investment Business Across Africa
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CHAPTER 11: Stakeholders of the Pharmaceutical Investment Business in Democratic South Africa
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CHAPTER 12: The Historic Parallel of the TAC
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CHAPTER 13: The SAMA / TAC Lawsuit Brought against Dr Rath and the Government of South Africa
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CHAPTER 14: Work of the Dr Rath Foundation in South Africa
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CHAPTER 15: Blueprint For a Healthy Nation: Overcoming Health Illiteracy
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