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“Obesity is nothing more than backed-up cooked-food waste trapped in the body.  No amount of raw plant food is fattening, only cooked food is fattening.  Eating raw bankrupts all the complex theories as to why and how people become fat.”   ---Arlin, Dini & Wolfe, Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet (Maul Bros. Publishing, San Diego, CA, 1998)


Tanisha Marshel tells about her amazing raw food diet success story. Tanisha felt so bad that she stopped eating all together. Within a few days she felt better than ever before in her life. After realizing the effect of diet on her health, she switched to a vegan raw food diet. By doing this she overcame obesity, sleep deprival, and instantly regained her energy levels literally overnight. Listen to this great story.

Raw Food Weight Loss over 100 pounds

Watch Wendi Dee's transformation from obesity to vibrant health.

http://www.lovingraw.com I introduce my story with before and after pictures and a brief bio on how I lost 125lbs and change my life with raw foods. To date I have lost nearly 200 lbs with the raw food lifestyle! More videos to come so stay tuned and subscribe on my YouTube page and on my website lovingraw.com!

Angela Stokes

Raw Food Transformations | Before and After

Angela Stokes Cures Her Morbid Obesity