Dr. Carey Reams, PhD & Reams Biological Theory Ionization (RBTI) Testing

Dr. Carey Reams, PhD

Dr. Carey Reams, an agronomist & biochemist, devised a formula that speaks to HEALTH as opposed to sickness. He found that when certain factors of a person's urine and saliva were within easily maintained parameters, illness was impossible. The 7 factors are urine pH, urine brix, urine conductivity, urine nitrate, urine ammonia, urine turbidity (albumin), and saliva pH. Interestingly, much of his pioneering work has been validated by, of all people, aquarium keepers and reef specialists. While the urine/saliva tests have been widely used around the world by a select few for several generations, the modern trend toward ever more accurate and yet less expensive test instruments has fuelled a renewed interest in a wider audience who have discovered "modern" medicine is failing them.

Ultimately, we must accept that improved nutrition is the keystone to improved health.

[pdf Book on Reams] NO TIME TO DIE! by Joanne Fontenot  

Practitioners (UK)
Joe Walton, RN, BSc (Hons) Nursing, Naturopathic Practitioner, Massage Therapist, RBTI Consultant, Brecon, Wales, UK.  01874 624 936

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