Byron J. Richards

[Book 2006] Fight for Your Health: Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America (Take Charge (Truth in Wellness)) by Byron J. Richards
FDA Working on behalf of drug companies Billions of dollars are wasted on needless drugs. Mind-control through "mental health" Cholesterol and bone drug truth. The true Codex story; health control Globalization at the expense of Americans Poisoning us with our food and water Your DNA in government computers. The real truth about cholesterol drugs.  And much, much more....

Pharma Juggernaut Rolls To Victory - Health Freedom Reels, Part 2, 12-11-06
Pharma Juggernaut Rolls To Victory - Health Freedom Reels, Part 1, 12-11-06
Big Pharma Trojan Horses Permeate Supplement Industry 12-5-06
A Bombshell Drops on Cholesterol Medication's Glass House 11-19-06
The Politics and Profits in Keeping Americans Sick 11-12-06
How the FDA is Causing the Obesity Epidemic 11-2-06
Mutiny by an FDA Advisory Panel 10-12-06
Bayer Caught Deceiving the FDA 10-3-06
Secret Rumsfeld Meeting to Implement North American Union 9-22-06
Big Pharma and the FDA Strike Oil While Injuring Millions 9-11-06
FDA Approves Viral Adulteration of Our Food Supply 8-24-06
FDA Poised to Change the Health & Well Being of All Americans 8-14-06
The Meltdown of Public Health and Personal Freedom 8-2-06
Can Knowledge Preserve Your Right to Be Healthy?, 7-24-06
Bush's Stem Cell Propaganda 7-20-06
The FDA Lowers the Boom on Citizens' Rights 7-17-06
The FDA - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 7-7-06
FDA Celebrates Hundred Years of Pretense  7-2-06