David Sands

Take 37-year-old David Sands, a senior scientist at Easams working on a highly sensitive computer-controlled satellite- radar system. In March 1987 Sands made a U-turn on his way to work and rammed his car into the brick wall of a vacant restaurant. His trunk was loaded with full gasoline cans. The car exploded on impact.
    Given the incongruities of the accident and the lack of a suicide motive, the coroner refused to rule out the possibility of foul play. Meanwhile, information leaked to the press suggested that Sands had been under a tremendous emotional strain.
    Margaret Worth, Sand's mother-in-law, claims these stories are totally inaccurate. "When David died, it was a great mystery to us," she admits. "He was very successful. He was very confident. He had just pulled off a great coup for his company, and he was about to be greatly rewarded. He had a very bright future ahead of him. He was perfectly happy the week before this happened."
    Like many of the bereaved, Worth is still at a loss for answers. "One week we think he must have been got at. The next week we think it couldn't be anything like that," she says. Did 22 SDI Researchers really ALL Commit Suicide?

March 30, 1987: David Sands, 37
--Expertise: Senior scientist working for Easams of Camberley, Surrey, a sister company to Marconi. Dr. John Brittan had also worked at Camberley.
--Circumstance of Death: Fatal car crash when he allegedly made a sudden U-turn on a dual carriageway while on his way to work, crashing at high speed into a disused cafeteria. He was found still wearing his seat belt and it was discovered that the car had been carrying additional petrol cans. None of the normal, reasons for a possible suicide could be found.
--Coroner's verdict: Open.

Regarding David Sands, his death is the most obvious hypno-programming-related death, the main one which makes me think of a former MI5 agent, who, confidentially, claimed he knew what it was like to be shouted at by Margaret Thatcher, describing “the hypno-programming equation”, “they missed out pain” he said of other conspiracy theorists (mainly meaning Bowart & Valerian) who thought they knew about hypno-programming, “they apply a lot of pain”, so you will read of Special Branch operatives visiting Sands’ depot where he works, while Sands was on a week’s holiday abroad, he’d just finished a brilliant piece of writing and completed a project for Easams, (though Collins found Easams was allowing Marconi to disguise their use of Sands through their company) suddenly he went missing for a couple of hours within days of returning from this holiday, on the
    29th of March, his wife was worried, he came back complaining of a very sore head (after being hypno-programmed by Special Branch, they’ll have driven karate-hardened hands into some usefully painful spot, the neck or the skull reliably causing a split personality, which is not called schizophrenia) then the following day he drove out onto a dual carriageway on which he did a U-turn in order to accelerate his car into a wall which he hit at 80 m.p.h. Having placed two five-gallon drums of petrol in his car before setting out, he was rendered unrecognisable by the resulting fireflash. Police commented on the total lack of skid-marks on the road, as if he had turned the car highly deliberately in a coolly measured manner, but not even David Sands was going to know what negative command his body was about to obey, any more than Candy Jones did. http://phonedupnshutup.com/?page_id=30