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Patient Letter                                                                              October 2007

Re: My ten day General Medical Council (GMC) Hearing scheduled for Sept 2007


Dear All,


I have just heard from the General Medical Council that they are dropping all the allegations against me.  As some of you may know, I was lined up for a thirteen day hearing in February 2008 and this has now been cancelled.  I have to say this is a huge relief! Whilst I knew I had done no wrong, it is not easy living with the threat!


The exact reasons why the allegations have been dropped have yet to be given to me.  The GMC are legally obliged to give me these reasons and I shall press them until they do.  At this stage they have simply said they are dropping the allegations.


However, there is no doubt that a large part of that reason is because of the many wonderful letters that patients have written to the GMC on my behalf.  The GMC have sent me copies of all those letters and there are many hundreds of them.  They are the most extraordinary letters Ė intelligent, incisive, authoritative and down to earth.  They really were the sort of letters that the GMC could not possibly ignore.  I have no doubt in my mind that this put great pressure on the GMC to look at the allegations against me in a new light.  Having done so they dropped them all.


So I have so many thank yous to give to so many people, forgive me if I canít thank you all in person!


There are many other issues that have arisen out of this GMC issue, not least of all is how badly many of my patients have been dealt with by the GMC.  For example, with some of my patients their confidential medical GP records have been obtained without their knowledge, in all cases their confidential medical GP records have been obtained without their permission, in all cases confidential medical GP records have been obtained without patients being informed of their legal right to appeal, and in some cases confidential medical GP records have been obtained without being anonymised.  There are many other indiscretions that the GMC have been guilty of and I shall continue to pursue these on behalf of all of us.


For an update of this ongoing campaign please see http://groups.google.com/group/dr-myhills-patient-support-group


I also have to thank all those lovely people who have signed the patient support petition, which now has over 900 signatures.


I also have to thank the many doctors and health professionals who have also written glowing testimonials on my behalf.  Again I know this has put me in a very good light.


I am concerned that the two cancelled hearings I have now faced have a larger political agenda which I shall also be tackling.  I shall be keeping all the support letters written by patients together with all the doctorsí testimonials and the petition in order that I can use them in the event of any further problems with the GMC. 


So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Very best wishes,