Frank Plummer directs one of the WHO labs in Canada. He has gone on the
record [see article after this one] with his findings about SARS.
Plummer admits that never more than 60 percent of the SARS patients
tested at the lab showed the coronavirus that is supposed to be the
cause of SARS.

60 percent won't cut it, when you're trying to prove you've found the
new cause of a new disease.

But Plummer goes further. Speaking to The Scientist magazine, he reports
that the tests on the newer SARS patients turn up the coronavirus only
about 50 percent of the time.

That DEFINITELY won't cut it.

Plummer's findings completely undercut the rush to judgment about SARS.

Plummer then confesses to exactly what I've been writing about. "...the
amounts of virus [coronavirus] we are finding, when we find it, are very
small---only detectable by the very sensitive PCR."


This is the capper.

Last week I wrote that some of the crazy speculations coming out of WHO
and the CDC were very suggestive of a problem they were having. And this
is the problem: they're finding very small amounts of the virus. So
they're saying the virus MIGHT be causing the immune system to attack
healthy cells. They're saying other viruses might be working with the
coronavirus to make SARS more dangerous. These are the guesses that
reveal their science, right at the beginning, has gone way off the

Why? Because, even by conventional standards, when you find a new virus
that may be causing a new disease, you have to find A LOT of them;
otherwise, there is no reason to believe the virus is really damaging
the body.

It's a simple concept. If you say that an army of invaders consists of
thirteen guys, you're saying nothing at all.

Plummer alludes to the fact that they're using the PCR test to find the
coronovirus. This test, which was developed by Kary Mullis, who won a
Nobel for it, amplifies gene fragments, blows them up to the point where
they can really be observed and analyzed. You use the PCR when you have
almost nothing to start with.

In my past articles, I used the word TITER. I said I was betting they
had not really investigated titer at all. Titer, loosely speaking, means

Well, I was right. They weren't talking about titer because there wasn't
much of it. Their whole effort was a bust out of the gate. Their horse
fell down. The race went nowhere.

But they can't admit that. They have to tap dance. So they're saying
this virus has PECULIAR properties, such that only a few of them can
somehow wreak major damage.

"The virus has this funny cruise missile on the end of it. It's really
like an A-bomb. It causes the body to suddenly attack itself. It's a
Trojan horse. The Martians had it, and it came back on one of the NASA
probes. It was on the moon, and it stuck to Armstrong's boot."

And you wait. If this revelation by Plummer gains any steam and isn't
shut down in the controlled press, you'll have scientists saying: "Look,
we don't know how so few coronaviruses are damaging the body, but we
know they are, because we know it's the cause of SARS, and we know SARS
patients are getting sick, and some are dying."

Putting the whole cart in front of the horse.

No, no, no. FIRST you have to show that the virus is there in the bodies
of 90-plus percent of all cases of SARS, and then you have to show it's
there in sufficient quantity to do something bad. Then, maybe, you can
talk about that virus as the cause of illness. (I'm talking about the
conventional view of disease research.)

This admission by Plummer is BIG. VERY BIG.

So far, no mainstream outlets are even reporting it. If and when they
do, they'll call it an "anomaly." A weird little blip on the radar
screen and nothing more.

Will other researchers back Plummer up and blow the same whistle he is
gently blowing? Don't count on it. Researchers tend to be like rats.
They scurry out of their cages once in awhile and sniff which way the
wind is blowing, and then they hustle back to their work, hoping the
funding will keep coming their way. As you might have guessed, there
isn't any finding to contradict the domeheads at the CDC and the usual
cast of domeheads at WHO.

SARS is a continuation of the insane viral science that got rolling with
AIDS. Find a virus you've never seen before in people who are some kind
of sick. Claim that the sick is new and the virus is new and therefore
they have to go together like a wallet and money. Declare a research
triumph, collect new grant monies and prizes and buy a bigger house.

Scare everybody, limit travel, institute quarantines, soften up the
populace for the next new disease which isn't new. The medical police
state. One OP at a time.

* * *

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