SARS redefined.
Here is more evidence of a toxic environment in airlines, covered by
diversionary unproven SARS virus fear drama (West Nile virus all over again).
Reposting this sent just before 9/11, Aug 2001:
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Donna Reilly found this gem:
                 United sued over pesticide in planes
                 August 2, 2001 Posted: 9:48 AM EDT (1348 GMT)
                 CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Flight attendants are being
sickened by exposure  to pesticides that are sprayed on airplanes serving
Australia and New Zealand, a lawsuit filed against United Airlines claims.
                 United flight attendants are exposed to pesticides sprayed
in the cabins of 747-400 airplanes, according to the lawsuit filed by
flight attendant Susan Matthews, who says she developed a rash from head to toe
after a trip to Australia.
She had several other earlier posts on this subject.
Whew, finally that crazy pesticide procedure is being challenged. 
This was a subject of discussion at the NoSpray meeting last night, and it
is suspected that the same treatment chemicals are being applied to NYC
"Rash" (in the article) is an understatement, as usual.  It seems that the
'freak-outs', heart attacks, blood coagulation diseases, which have been
happening on airplanes during the last year or so are the result of this
pesticide procedure.
I've seen on the web, and in EPA library magazines ("Archives of
Environmental Health" v56, #2), studies that sought and failed to find the
answer regarding leaking fuel and fuel vapors.  More public were articles
stating that the reasons for the epidemics was cramped seating or radiation
coming through the cabin roof of the planes, which may be to some extent
true but acts as diversionary from the most obvious, direct poisoning of
passengers and crew by new pesticide protocols.
-Jim West
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So there is less reason to suspect that SARS virus is anything more than an
adaptive genetic reflex to poisoning.  Viruses and virus-like genetic
particles are normally expressed from poisoned or stressed cells as part of
a process called accelerated genetic recombination, a shuffling of the
genetic hand.  Industry protects itself by viewing this natural reflex as
pathological.  Industry also can exploit the fear induced by such a view.
Jim West