April 29. SARS is being used as a classic diversionary OP.

This non-disease, that has re-shuffled already existing pneumonias and
influenza and colds into a new category, comes at just the right time.

The war In Iraq is over. At least phase one. No one seems to know whether
Saddam is alive. So far, every attempt to nail down WMDs has perished.
Charges have been leveled that the US encouraged looting.

A priceless museum and a priceless library have been sacked. The history of
the people in that country is being erased, always an ominous sign after a

There is the question of who is going to take over the political reins in
Iraq. The always-fatuous idea of an imposed democracy there is sinking into
a morass of a million Shi'ites versus surviving elements of the Ba'ath
Party functionaries.

Demonstrations call for America to get out of Iraq.

Huge numbers of children are ill and dying.

The very real issue of the tons of depleted uranium in the country is being

We are getting private reports that a number of US soldiers are sick already.

A lot of issues need to be swept under the carpet---and poof, along comes
SARS. Whether or not its appearance was coordinated, up front, to coincide
with these scandals and tragedies in Iraq, one thing is for sure. SARS has
been used as a smokescreen to keep the global public diverted and in fear.

As usual, the press is unconscionable in its attitude of providing the
images and the words to push public consciousness from one fear to another.

Over and over, we read reports about the ghost town of Toronto, and yet
email after email from citizens there show the lie in that. Are we to mark
this "error" down to sloppy coverage?


JON RAPPOPORT www.nomorefakenews.com