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To all NZ Media
I have just read in a scoop article,  pasted below re the new MENZbvaccine,
MEnzb vaccine's safety is being touted to the parent Norwegan Vaccine.
It has now come to light ...Infact Norway never used that vaccine, beyond
its clinical trial !
They tested it on 180,000 but all 14 years of age and above !
Does South Auckland then realise they are a clinical trial ......??.Our
whole child population from 6 month to 20 years is one big clinical trial !
The NZ government is telling Lies ... big fat LIES !!!
Now they have been caught out..!! ...Not to mention Investigate Magazines
cover article by Barbara Sumner Burstyn.
What a waste of $ 200,000 million of tax payers money for prevention of a
diesease 99.97% of us will never get !
Go on.... Show us that we truly do have investigative journalism in
mainstream media ...that will to stand up against the so call authories to
uphold the truth for the
general public of New Zealand.
News agencies all over the world are now on about the FLU VACCINE 48
million dosed deemed unuseable and the factory that has been closed from
Even the US presidential candidate John Kerry yesterday stated that the US
Government were warned about contamination at Chiron's plant in 2001 !
Is that the same Chiron factory where the New Zealand's new MENZb vaccine
is also made ? ...
Whilst your finding out the answer to that one....
I'll munch on my hat if you can find out what kind of tissue the broth that
the MENZb vacc was grown on !
Every informed parent in this country, I know ... cannot get the answer to
that question ! Not from Annette Kings office, Not the MOH  right the way
down to IMAC
I have tryed right to the very top to get an answer to that question !
It has to be either an animal or human tissue !
You did it on the Dioxin in New Plymouth...!!!!
Please let us know the truth :)... I believe you have a moral obligation to
give NZers to show a more balanced View.. a more truthful view..
Rather than being part of a monsterous campaign to sell the NZ public... to
become thoughtless guinea pigs !
I hope you will see fit to investigate this further.
Aly Cook
Norwegian Parent Vaccine Never Released In Norway
14th October 2004, 10:04 am
Press Release: Jon Eisen
 Norwegian "Parent Vaccine" Never Released In Norway

By Jon Eisen

(In an exclusive to scoop.co.nz, Jonathan Eisen reveals that the now-famous
"Norwegian parent vaccine" from which the New Zealand meningococcal vaccine
was "derived" and which has been used to justify claims of "safety" and
"efficacy"... was not even released in Norway, after scientists rejected it
on the ground that it was only marginally effective, and that the
meningitis epidemic in Norway had tapered off without the vaccine.
NZ Ministry of Health Book Admits ("Immunisation Handbook 2002")

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