Industry to Capitalize on Silver's Antiseptic Qualities in a BIG Way

Here's an interesting news bit from the May 4, 2001 issue of the Kiplinger Letter, one of the largest and most widely read business forecast newsletters in the United States:

"Silver's germ-fighting ability will get a workout in new uses. The metal kills disease-carrying microbes without the harmful side effects of chlorine, other sanitizing chemicals. Silver will be laced into socks, dish towels, toothbrushes. Even home appliances, heating and air systems. Industrial uses too...treating water and cleaning food processing gear. Silver prices won't be affected because overall use won't increase much."

That's a pretty interesting news brief, considering that the FDA has ruled that colloidal silver preparations are "not proven safe and effective" as germ-killing agents (FDA Final Ruling July 1999). Furthermore, for the past six months the FDA and FTC have instituted a massive ongoing campaign to stop colloidal silver manufacturers and sellers from mentioning silver's medical qualities in their advertising. In a recent press release which was published on page A-1 of The Wall St. Journal and many other U.S. newspapers, the FDA/FTC cabal bragged that dozens of colloidal silver sellers were being forced to change their advertising literature or remove their advertising altogether. They further bragged that some colloidal silver sellers were being issued fines of as much as $150,000 for "false advertising" (i.e., for stating in their advertising that silver has germ-fighting and other medical capabilities). And at least one colloidal silver seller is now being taken to court by the feds!

What it looks like is that big business and big industry are getting ready to start using silver as an anti-microbial compound in a BIG way, and the FDA/FTC are muscling out the competition on their behalfs. All the more reason, of course, to own a colloidal silver generator so that you can make your own colloidal silver.

Equally interesting is that in July 1999 the FDA specifically ruled that silver gels and ointments -- which are applied as an antiseptic and santizing agent to external cuts and scrapes rather than used internally -- were to be altogether banned as they had no proven legitimate medical uses. And indeed, the FDA quickly had these products taken off the market. Yet here we see big business and big industry getting ready to use silver as an antiseptic and santitizing agent in numerous external applications, including as as a water treatment sanitizer, a food processing gear sanitizer, and even having silver laced into dish towels, socks and toothbrushes as a disenfectant agent! Hey, either it works for external purposes, or it doesn't -- you can't have it both ways.

If you have been wondering why the feds have been so adamant over the past year about pushing colloidal silver manufacturers, sellers and users as far into the shadows as possible, you are now getting a glimpse of the reason. Yes, big business and big industy have BIG plans for using silver as a disenfectant/antiseptic/sanitizing agent. And they obviously don't want any competition!

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