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[2015 Sept] 'It was an amazing moment': Social worker gloats on Facebook over breaking up a family and revelling in the 'massive rollicking' the judge gave the parents 

[2015 June] We adore our son and we've never smoked in front of him... now we just want him back: Parents speak out after judge rules boy, 2, should be placed for adoption because of their habit

[2015 April] YOUR stories of forced adoption: When we revealed the agony of mothers made to give up their babies, the response from readers was huge - and heartbreaking 

[2015 May] Blood-chilling scandal of the thousands of babies stolen by the State: TV agony aunt DENISE ROBERTSON writes about her lengthy investigation  Denise Robertson says she received a letter from a single mother saying her two blond children were taken from her in an action she describe s as 'both chilling and terrifying' ...One independent social worker — who left a social services department because she was so appalled by its culture — told me she had often seen children removed from their families on the basis of incomplete, inadequate and sometimes inaccurate evidence.

[2014] Did social workers take this middle class family's adored child to meet adoption targets? Four-year-old boy was torn from loving mother at hospital even though no one had hurt him

[2014] Why the explosion in child-snatching is big business By Christopher Booker

[2013] Parents' social service hell after one anonymous letter : Judge attacks Baby P council for 'knee-jerk' abuse investigation

[2012] Children stolen by the state needlessly, causing utter misery in one of Britain's most disturbing scandals  Fifty per cent of all this country’s prostitutes are girls who have been in care, and 80 per cent of all Big Issue sellers....Half of all those in young offenders’ institutions have been in care, and 26 per cent of adults in prison have the same background.  Meanwhile, half of all girls who leave care become single mothers within two years, not least because they want someone to love.

[2008] How social services are paid bonuses to snatch babies for adoption  The number of babies under one month old being taken into care for adoption is now running at almost four a day (a 300 per cent increase over a decade).  In total, 75 children of all ages are being removed from their parents every week before being handed over to new families.  Some of these may have been willingly given up for adoption, but critics of the Government's policy are convinced that the vast majority are taken by force.

Don’t Cry Aloud by Denise Robertson

''This now young woman was encouraged by social workers to lie about her mother, social workers then exaggerated everything, this caused the girls mother to take her own life. When the truth came out, feeling the guilt of what she had been party to the young woman I met became addicted to drugs when the fostering money had run out. She went from a straight A student to 'Garbage' (Her words).''