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Why statins will destroy your brain

You may know that cholesterol is needed for your body to produce vitamin D, steroid and sex-hormone production, and for healthy cell membranes. You also may know that statins can lower your cholesterol so far that your body can't make these vital nutrients. But did you know that statins will also impair your cognitive function as you age?

It's true! Your liver isn't the only organ in your body that produces cholesterol. Your brain makes it as well. Cholesterol makes up a large portion of the membranes in your neurons. Since neurons are mostly membranes, a lack of cholesterol might impair their function. I predicted years ago that research would eventually connect low cholesterol to poor memory and overall brain function. And now we have the proof.

Researchers recently performed a study on 1,181 subjects over the age of 64. They found that low levels of cholesterol significantly lower general cognitive abilities. They also found that low cholesterol reduces your brain's processing speed. The authors agreed that lower total cholesterol is a strong marker for predicting lower cognitive function in those over 64.

This should be on the front page of every newspaper in the country. But with Pharma owning the health news that spoon-feeds most Americans, it's buried. But Second Opinion readers know better. You won't let them bamboozle you into dropping your total cholesterol below 170 with drugs.

In fact, unless you have a hereditary disorder of really high cholesterol (over 270), I would be wary about any statin use altogether. The doctors want to cut off the enzyme in your liver that makes cholesterol. With the same enzyme making essential cholesterol in your brain, you might trade "doctor happy" ultra-low cholesterol for a "personally sad" case of cognitive decline.

I've shown you many ways to safely lower your cholesterol without any commercial statin. You can read these on my website. In the next health alert, I'm going to show you another safe way to lower your cholesterol that most doctors never consider.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,
Robert Jay Rowen, MD

Neurobiology of Aging, 2007 Sept 19