St. Louis Epidemics
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I've found several hidden pollution sites using epidemics.
    Such as, in Tampa (Florida), home of the greatest incidence of St. Louis virus epidemics in the 1950s.  Couldn't find the pollution source, until the US gov opened up files (coincidentally at the same time I was looking) and admitted publicly they were employing "phosphate fertilizer plants" as actually "uranium processing plants" (plutonium end-product), which means a lot of fluorine products pollution including possibly gases. Superfund sites are highly polluted areas that gov gives a special designation for cleanup funding.
    St. Louis Virus is said to be virtually the structural genetic twin of West Nile virus, and both are found in the same epidemic locations, that is, downwind from a nearby oil refinery.  The diseases are neurological, e.g., flu, meningitis, encephalitis.
    I had looked into the early (late 1930s) epidemics, located in St. Louis and they had large epidemics of 'sleeping sickness' and St. Louisi virus epidemics.  But that area was home of Monsanto chemical plants, and other defense plants.
    Wiki shows Monsanto and other chemical plants plants are still there today, and Boeing and other manufacturing and airports and expressways. 
    It is adjacent Illinois, etc., polluted areas.---Jim West