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Brice Taylor Offers Signed , Limited First Edition of
Thanks for The Memories

By Ken Adachi Editor@educate-yourself.org  
August 3, 2003

Brice Taylor recently discovered that her explosive 1999 book, Thanks for the Memories, was being offered at www.amazon.com  for prices that ranged from $160 -$298 per book. Obviously, the passing of Bob Hope and the relative non-availability of the book, stimulated its market value. At the time, we talked on the phone and she told me that she only had 150 copies of the book left and was very anxious to raise $15,000 so she can obtain legal assistance to fight for custody of her daughter Kelly, who, like Brice, was also the victim of trauma-based mind control programmers from the time she was a baby.

The outrageous physical, mental, and emotional assaults that Brice has endured as a mind controlled slave for the use of Illuminati gofers like Henry Kissinger and Bob Hope, is horrendous enough, but the additional burden of trying to bring Kelly back to something that resembles a normal life, has been an exhausting uphill battle from the beginning. I know, as I was involved with the care of Kelly for some weeks on a couple of occasions, and I can verify that it's extremely tiring. Brice has been totally exhausted in attempting to care for Kelly on numerous occasions. When you experience it yourself, you understand why.

While she was still living in California, Brice was finally forced to place Kelly in a mental hospital in San Diego because she could no longer handle her alone. The hospital wanted to know what happened and Brice tried to tell them the accurate story of their mind control abuse. Of course, the staff didn't believe a word of it and quickly moved to take legal custody of Kelly away from Brice. Ted Gunderson and I both testified at the custody hearing, but you could see the glazed-eye look of disbelief on the female judge's face whenever the defense talked about MK Ultra, 'presidential models', and mind control abuse by top government officials like Henry Kissinger and George Bush. Of course, the judge decided in favor of the state of California to take legal custody. Brice's ex-husband was also at the hearing and he favored the state taking custody of Kelly as well. If you read Brice's book, you will understand that her former husband, along with her two other children, are also the victims of mind control, but they, unlike Brice, can't accept that postulation. The ex-husband thinks Brice is crazy, but if you read the book, you will encounter the words of a clear, lucid, accurate, and extremely intelligent mind.

Since the market value of her book had suddenly risen so dramatically and she needed to raise money for Kelly's legal defense, I suggested asking for a $100 per book for a signed, first edition. She set the price at $110 at Amaon.com, since they take a commission for each sale, but you can obtain a signed book directly from Brice for $100, including shipping within the USA.

Of course, if you are in a position to donate more, please do. Brice Taylor has single handedly done more to expose the reality of life for high level mind control victims than any other writer in this country, yet she doesn't shout or scream to the world about the torments she has endured. Nor does she condemn. She always talks about the need for understanding of all parties concerned and to stop the madness of mind control enslavement.

You can send a check or money order to:

Brice Taylor Trust, P.O. Box 332, Lynn, NC 28750 for $100 including shipping

If you wish to pay with a card, you can e-mail Brice at: <sueford@earthlink.net> and tell her you want to use a card to obtain the book.

Brice Taylor's real name is Susan Ford.

Below is an appeal letter from Brice explaining her desire to raise legal funds in order to instigate a lawsuit.

Ken Adachi


Dear Friends and Supporters,

I have been praying for a way to get the truth out in a larger way in regard to mind control and ritual abuse so that survivors can receive proper treatment in the mental health and judicial system. I believe the answer has come clear; a series of malpractice lawsuits on behalf of my daughter Kelly, a victim of these abuses. Kelly has been in and out of institutions for the past few years, where she has been often misdiagnosed and improperly treated. These lawsuits could serve a two-fold purpose: 1.) To raise funds to provide my daughter with proper treatment, and 2.) To educate the public and mental health professionals who have been duped by active misinformation campaigns designed to keep the reality of this abuse cloaked.

In order to undertake these lawsuits and for my daughters healing, I will need to raise the funds for my daughter's legal defense and have formed the Kelly Ford Special Needs Trust.

Survivors of this heinous form of abuse have been denied the truth from emerging into the public arena for too long and as a result often suffer silently and isolated from true help--often within a government system that has no accurate information from which to offer the support and care they need to truly recover. When I attempted to explain at a treatment team meeting, that Kelly and I had been born into a cult and tortured from birth in order to be used under mind control, Kelly's therapist looked me right in the eye and said, "I just read a book that says there are no cults in America". With the stern look I received, I knew that was the end of any constructive conversation. And I can't tell you how many times over the years I have heard different doctors tending my daughter say to me, "I know you say Kelly has been diagnosed as DID, but multiple personality disorder is rare and I don't see the symptoms in your daughter--she is really schizophrenic, or schizo-affective disorder, or bi-polar, or retarded, or psychotic." Even when they witness her acting extremely childlike and sucking her thumb, they miss what they are seeing because their training denies the reality of the trauma-based abuse that intentionally creates multiple personalities for the profit and gain of the controllers. Children across the country are being taken from their parents (protective and adoptive) if the parents mention that their child had been ritually abused. This is frightening, not to say how torturous it is for an adopted child who was ritually abused to be taken away from the only safety they have ever experienced in order to be "treated" (=drugs) by a system that denies the reality of this abuse.

Lawsuits are a powerful weapon in the war of good vs. evil. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation has been involved in large numbers of lawsuits against mental health professionals who diagnosed and treated ritual trauma. These lawsuits have silenced many mental health, law enforcement, and justice system professionals, and have served to strongly discourage others from discovering the truth. For many professionals, the price of making a finding of ritual abuse has been exorbitant!

It is time to use lawsuits to bring the truth to light. It is time for there to be a price tag on failure to recognize ritual trauma. It is time for justice. Lawsuits can be used to force the mental health community, law enforcement, and the judicial system to acknowledge the realities of ritual abuse and mind control! The thousands, if not millions, of children molested by priests within the Catholic Church would never have received justice and retribution were it not for the endless lawsuits that brought the truth to light. The truth about ritual abuse can also come forward in the courts. Paul Bonacci was awarded a million-dollar civil judgment against Larry King, based on, among other things, a complaint of "Organized and directed satanic ritual" with John DeCamp as his attorney (see the Gunderson Report that addresses this million dollar settlement--plus Kelly being held a political prisoner) at http://www.johnnygosch.com/gunderson_report.html).

My daughter has suffered immeasurably over the years at the hands of arrogant professionals who failed to consider my reports of her ritual abuse and mind control. The first lawsuit could allege malpractice based in improper and dangerous medications having been forced upon her. A later lawsuit could allege malpractice based on failure to properly evaluate her trauma.

Successful lawsuits can go a long way toward paving the way for others to get free and find the therapy and deprogramming they will need to gain true freedom and healing.


Brice Taylor (Sue Ford) <sueford@earthlink.net>