Impaired Health: ITS CAUSE AND CURE (VOL2)
A Repudiation of the Conventional Treatment of Disease


(This book first appeared at the Soil and Health Library, an important source of books
on holistic agriculture, holistic health, self-sufficient living, and personal development)

PREFACE  Publisher's Foreword  & Author's Foreword
CHAPTER I Diseases Brought On From Toxin Poisoning
   1--Typhoid Fever
   2--Relapsing Fever
   3--Small Pox
   4--Chicken Pox
   5--Scarlet Fever
   8--Whooping Cough
   13--Rheumatic Fever
   14--Cholera Morbus
   18--Rocky Mt. Fever
CHAPTER 2 Diseases Due to Chemical Poisoning and Sunstroke
   1--Lead Poisoning
   2--Arsenical Poisoning
   3--Ptomaine Poisoning
CHAPTER 3 Diseases Peculiar to the Gouty Diathesis
   1--Arthritis Deformans
   2--Chronic Rheumatism
   3--Muscular Rheumatism
   4--Diabetes Mellitus
   5--Diabetes Insipidus
CHAPTER Diseases of the Digestive System
   1--Diseases of the Mouth
         1--Acute Stomatitis
         2--Ulcerative Stomatitis
         3--Eczema of Tongue
   2--Diseases of the Salivary Glands
      A--Hypersecretion (Ptyalism)
      B--Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)
      C--Inflammation of Salivary Glands
   3--Diseases of the Pharynx
      A--Circulatory disturbances
      B--Acute Pharyngitis
      D--Ulceration of the Pharynx
      E--Tuberculosis of the Pharynx
   4--Diseases of the Tonsils
      A--Acute Tonsilitis
   5--Diseases of the Esophogas
      A--Acute Esophagitis
      B--Spasms of Esophagitis
   6--Diseases of the Stomach
      A--Acute Gastritis
      C--Dilation of Stomach
      D--Peptic Ulcers
      E--Cancer of Stomach
      F--Hemorrhage from Stomach
      G--Neurosis of Stomach
   7--Diseases of the Intestines
         1--Chronic Diarrhea
         3--Chronic dysentery
         4--Amebic disentery
   8--Diseases of the Liver
      C--Cirrhosis of the Liver
   9-Diseases of the Pancreas
      B--Acute Pancreatitis
   10--Diseases of the Peritoneum
      B--Chronic Peritonitis
CHAPTER 5. Diseases of the Respiratory Apparatus
   1--Diseases of the Nose
      A--Acute Coryza
      B--Hay Fever
   2-Diseases of the Larynx
      A--Acute Catarrhal Laryngitis
      B--Chronic Laryngitis
      C--Edematous Laryngitis
      D--Spasmodic Laryngitis
      E--Tubercular Laryngitis
      F--Syphilitic Laryngitis
   3--Diseases of the Bronchi
      A--Acute & Chronic Bronchitis
   4--Diseases of the Lungs
      C--Pulmonary Hemorrhage
         1--Hemoptysis or Spitting Blood
   5--Diseases of the Pleura
      A--Acute Pleurisy
      B--Purulent Pleurisy
      C--Chronic Pleurisy
CHAPTER 6. Diseases of the Kidneys
      A--Movable or Floating Kidney
      F--Acute Bright's Disease
      G--Chronie Bright's Disease
      I--Tumors of the Kidneys
CHAPTER 7. Diseases of the Blood and Ductless Glands
      C--Hodgkin's Disease
      G--Diseases of Suprarenal Bodies
         1--Addison's Disease
      H--Diseases of Spleen
         1--Movable Spleen
         2--Rupture of the Spleen
      I--Diseases of the Thyroid Gland
         2--Acute Thyroiditis
         4--Exophthalmic Goiter
      J--Diseases of the Thymus Gland
CHAPTER 8.  Diseases of the Circulatory System
   1--Diseases of the Pericardium
   2--Diseases of the Heart
      B--Functional Affections of the Heart
         3--Rapid Heart
         4--Slow Heart
      C--Angina Pectoris
   3--Diseases of the Arteries
CHAPTER 9.  Diseases of the Nervous System
   1--Diseases of the Spinal Chord
      A--Locomotor Ataxia
      B--General Paralysis
      C--Herpes Zoster (shingles)
   2--Diffuse and Focal Diseases of the Brain
      B--Affections of Blood Vessels of the Brain
         1--Cerebral Circulation
         2--Cerebral Hemorrhage (apoplexy)
      C--Tumors of the Brain
      D--Inflamation of the Brain
   3--Diseases of the Peripheral Nerves
      B--Neuritis in metallic poisoning
   4--Diseases of the Cerebral Nerves
      A--Lesions of the Retina
   5--General & Functional Diseases
      A--Paralysis Agitans
      B--Acute Chorea (St. Vitus Dance)
      C--Infantile Convulsions
      I--Raynaud's Disease
CHAPTER 10. Alcoholism
   1--Acute Alcoholism
   3--Chronic Alcoholism
   4--Delirium Tremens
CHAPTER 11.  Diseases Due to Intestinal Parasites
   1--Ascaris Lumbricoides
   2--Oxyuris Vermicularis
   3--Tenia Saginata
   4--Tenia Solium