Types of petty tyrants found in people
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Minor petty tyrants

Two subclasses of minor petty tyrants:

A. The first subclass consisted of the petty tyrants who persecute and inflict misery but without actually causing anybody's death. They were called little petty tyrants. He added that the little petty tyrants are further divided into four categories:

1. One that torments with brutality and violence.
Another that does it by creating unbearable apprehension through deviousness.
Another which oppresses with sadness.
And the last, which torments by making warriors rage.

B. The second consisted of the petty tyrants who are only exasperating and bothersome to no end. They  were called small-fry petty tyrants.

La Gorda is in a class of her own, he added. 'She is an acting, small-fry petty tyrant. She annoys you to pieces and makes you rage. She even slaps you. With all that she is teaching you detachment.' ...... I would certainly say that the strategy not only gets rid of self-importance; it also prepares warriors for the final realization that impeccability is the only thing that counts in the path of knowledge.  Don Juan


Persecuting, Tormenting (Wind Sword, NORTH)

Anger/Rage Provoking  (Wind/Fire NORTH EAST)
Sad & Melancholy, Guilt Provoking (Earth/Wind  NORTH WEST)
Exasperating, Bothersome, Nuisance (Water Sword SOUTH)
Sly, Cunning  & Devious Water/Earth Sword SOUTH WEST)
Vicious, Violent (Sword WEST)
Lord/Queen (Fire Sword EAST)
Shideh-Inner Self (Fire/Water Sword SOUTH EAST)

Ref: Warrior workbook.  Carlos Castaneda