You can search the VAERS database here (click on Search VAERS Database
above the word DISCLAIMER)
Only thing you do is then on next page is under Vaccine Menu click on
Varcel & then type paralysis in Symptoms box
and then voila......

Found 69 records with Vaccine contains 'VARCEL' and Symptoms contain

Did the above due to this information received.......

This is in Cincinnati OHIO - Children's Hospital Medical Center in
Cincinnati, Ohio Can anyone find out anything more?  Sounds like Guillain-Barre.........but
that many patients?

I just got off the phone with my niece a little bit ago.  She has a
friend whose 18 year old daughter is in the hospital with osteomyletis from
breaking her leg last summer.  This lady ran into a mom whose 9 year old
daughter had a reaction to the chicken pox vaccine.  She'd been putting it
off for years and the doctor finally wore her down.  4 hours after the
vaccine, her daughter can't move.  After she gets her to the hospital and
is on her 6th week there the mom finds out..... there have been 6 vaccine
reactions JUST LIKE THIS ONE to the chicken pox vaccine since January (when
friend's daughter had surgery).   It has caused paralysis in all 6 patients.

I feel terrible for these people.  It's the blind leading the blind (I was
once one of those blind people).  I gave my niece some information about
VAERS and told her to tell her friend to tell the other mother.  Hopefully
she will.