Saturday, April 19, 2008

Victoria Boutenko on green smoothies, greens in your raw food diet

Green smoothies are a combination of fruits and greens blended together. Green smoothies taste delicious and are very healthy.

The Boutenko family cured themselves from various diseases by changing to a raw food diet. The members of their family had a variety of diseases: a congenital heart defect, thyroid problems, arthritis, diabetes and asthma. Within a matter of months the family started experiencing profound improvement in their health and vitality. The Boutenko children experienced remarkable improvement in their results at school.

Other advantages Victoria experienced: red dots on her chest disappeared, moles fell off, her vision became clear, her grey hair disappeared (she doesn't color her hair), nails became stronger, hair stopped falling off, her weight became normal, her mood became more peaceful and she could work for hours at the computer, without getting problems with her eyes.

According to Victoria there are two groups of eaters:
- normal eaters, they stop when they have enough nutrition
- compulsive eaters, they eat because of other reasons, like entertainment, joy and sadness. They eat for intoxication. For those people it is even more important to change to a raw food diet, so that they can't intoxicate themselves anymore.

Some health benefits of green smoothies:
- they taste very good
- they are extremely easy to make
- they contain fibers
- they contain chlorophyl, which is very good for the blood
- they are great for immunity and help to heal diseases
- they don't contain oil or salt
- they don't oxidize for 3 or 4 days and are excellent to take when traveling