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My Current Diet

I have several RVAF-eating friends whose iris color has shifted significantly and noticeably toward blue after eating RVAF for a year. In one case, the irises of a female friend with brown eyes appeared to have shifted largely to green, with a bit of blue, in about three to five months while on an RVAF diet.
My own eyes shifted quite radically in a very short period of time, from all brown to partially blue/green, in the late 1980's, as a result of some esoteric energy healing techniques which I was practicing, as well as a rather clean (but not yet Paleo) cooked diet along with intake of very large quantities of raw seaweed and "prehistoric colloidal minerals from ancient lake bed deposits", which contain about 81 different elements.
    The shift to blue color of my irises noted above was so noticeable that strangers noticed that my eyes seemed blue even across a crowded lecture room while I was in acupuncture school in the early 1990's.
My eye color shifts have been so severe that at one time (early 1990's) the motor vehicles department in my then-state of residence (Pennsylvania, while I was in graduate school), at renewal of my drive's license, changed my eye color from "brown" to "blue".  The state in which I now live has stopped recording eye color on driver's licenses (probably because the space aliens are changing everyone's iris colo.... oops, never mind....).
    My friends claim to have noticed that my own eyes have shifted even further -- albeit rather slowly and gradually -- towards blue since I started an RVAF diet in early 2000. Paradoxically, my friends have noticed that the shift to blue seems to have speeded up when I abandoned 100% raw RVAF about 9 months ago and went instead to about 85% RVAF with the remaining 15% being cooked Paleo foods (meats, fish, veggies, etc.)
    Aajonus Vonderplanitz, founder of the Primal Diet (an RVAF diet) has stated many times that his friend and Primal Diet client Lori experienced a massive iris color shift from all-brown to all-blue in the three years while he worked with her, all due to her RVAF diet.
    I have met a number of alternative health practitioners, mostly naturopaths, but also one MD/DO who ran an alternative cancer clinic in Mexico which employed radical methods of "bowel cleansing", who have claimed to have seen massive shifts in iris color from brown to blue in certain chronic disease patients as they "cleansed" or "detoxified" via natural healing methods....a number of practitioners/teachers of raw vegan diet systems claim to have seen massive shifts in iris color from brown to blue in themselves or in friends or family members after having ingested a raw vegan diet for at least a half-year.