Devendra Vora, M.D.

URINE THERAPY by Devendra Vora, M.D.

Health in Your Hands Volume 1 Acupressure and other Natural therapies
Health in Your Hands Volume 2. Instant Diagnosis and cure of serious diseases.

Hundreds of cases can be quoted. In all such cases, diagnosis is impeccable and so with the treatment mentioned in this book, fantastic results are obtained. At our Centre, we can give assurance of cure to all those patients suffering from Cancer. Please inform the patients that all types of Cancer are curable and it is the easiest disease to be cured. I am of the firm opinion, based on my experience of thousands of successful cures of these Cancer patients, that Cancer can even be eradicated. If all the people of the World practise Acupressure regularly, such serious problems will not develop."---Devendra Vora, M.D. (p. 121 Health in Your Hands Volume 2).

Sri Morarjibhai Desai, the former Prime Minister of India and a great propagator of this Urine therapy, used to drink his urine and massage the same on his body for 40 years till his death at the age of 100. That was the secret of his reddishness till the last minute. His skin was healthy and had no wrinkles. It was smooth and glowing.  At the age of 61, cataract started in his eyes. He started using his urine, as eye-wash and cured his cataract and had no need to get cataract removed till the age of 91-thus he prevented cataract formation for 30 years.  URINE THERAPY by Devendra Vora, M.D.