Vaccine Safety Datalink

[Sept 2004] Petition - Show us the Vaccine Data

Oral testimony transcript (word doc 70 pages)

Burton opening statement on the VSD (extracted from oral testimony)

"We estimate that there are approximately 420,000 children with autism in this country at this time, based on those studies, greatly less than what the "Time Magazine" article set at one million. However, that puts a price tag, over the next 50 years to take care of these children, in excess of $1 trillion."----BRADSTREET

"This is an interesting correlation. Mark Blacksill (ph) presented this to the Institute of Medicine last year. And that shows the rising titer of cumulative Mercury in the vaccine program in California, compared to the prevalence of autism in California.... And I want to superimpose on that a very interesting graphic derived from the government website on the use of methylphenidate, also known as Ritalin or Concerta. And look at the time relationship between the rise in that. Next? It's identical. In 1990, the rise in the mercury titer started to go up. And in 1990, there is a striking and continuous rise in the use of Ritalin in this country, which I think is rather telling."----BRADSTREET

"Within a week of that testimony, he (Leary) had lost five grants from the Irish Cancer Society."--WAKEFIELD