Toxemia  Cleansing




By J.H. Tilden, M.D.


“The word Toxemia carries its own meaning; namely, toxin in the blood. Gould’s “Medical Dictionary” defines the word thus: “Blood-poisoning—a condition in which the blood contains poisonous products, produced by the body-cells.


The so-called diseases are merely symptom-complexes of a constitutional toxemic state. They are the effects of toxin—the waste-product of metabolism—retained in the blood, causing a crisis (so-called disease),forced auto-elimination.


That man is heir to disease—that there are several hundred diseases created especially by an all wise and loving God just to punish him from the cradle to the grave-is an absurd superstition, a sort of modern mythology, and a legitimate offspring of the ancient mythologies.


The science of medicine is a disjointed, illogical conglomeration of isolated facts and fancies, without a semblance of philosophical unity. Even the only hypothesis that has had any apparent logical connectivity-the germ theory—has no more philosophical connection with health and disease than a brick thrown through a window has to do with the construction of the building. Germs have no physiological connection with the causation of disease, and cannot be considered as more than an incident in disease.


There is no disease per se. What is called disease is impaired health, and is brought on from retention of waste-products in the blood. These waste products are called toxins, and, in normal and limited amounts, are natural and give a needed stimulation. But, like all stimulants, when an excessive amount is retained in the system, they create over-stimulation, resulting in enervation—Toxemia.


Every so-called disease is a crisis of Toxemia; which means that toxin has accumulated in the blood above the toleration point, and the crisis, the so-called disease-call it cold, “flu” pneumonia, headache—is a vicarious elimination. Nature is endeavoring to rid the body of toxin.


In a few words: Without Toxemia there can be no disease. The waste-product of metabolism is toxic, and the only reason why we are not poisoned by it is because it is removed from the organism as fast as produced. The toxin is retained in the blood only when there is a checking of elimination. What is the cause of the checking? When we have normal nerve-energy, organic functioning is normal. Enervation causes a checking of elimination. The cause of all so-called diseases is found! Enervation checks elimination of the waste-product of metabolism. Retention of metabolic toxin—the first and only cause of disease.”