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Why You Won't See Me Debating Vivisection On TV, Or Read Articles By Me In The National Press

by Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc


For well over a decade now I have been very effectively banned from TV and radio programmes which discuss vivisection.

The ban was started after I won a series of television and radio debates with vivisectors in the 1980s. Several of the programmes invited audience votes. On behalf of the animals I won every single debate - arguing that vivisection is never of value to people and never has been.

Vivisectors then stated that they would no longer take part in programmes where I was also invited to be a contributor.

Even the Oxford Union once reneged on an invitation to debate vivisection after the invited vivisectionists announced that they would not debate with me.

When researchers working for TV companies do invite me to take part in programmes the invitations are invariably withdrawn when the programme makers discover that no vivisectors will take part if I am allowed into the studios.

Sometimes the `invitation' never gets past from the first approach.

For example, on 14th September 2005 I received a letter from Fernando Lucena, working for Windfall Films - a London based film company.

Mr Lucena told me that Windfall Films was developing a project on vivisection for Channel 4.

`Unlike the vast majority of TV coverage given to the Animal Rights subject,' he wrote, `our programme will touch this controversial topic from the perspective of the anti-vivisection supporters.'

`We will choose a candidate - who will probably be a GP or somebody who works for a pharmaceutical company and supports vivisection - and confront him/her with a series of challenges that will aim to change his/her views by showing the other side's perspective.'

Mr Lucena told me that he wanted my suggestions.

I made the following proposals:

1. The TV company ask their pro-vivisection candidate to produce any patient whose life they claimed had been saved as a result of vivisection. I would then explain (preferably live on TV) why they were wrong and vivisection had not helped the patient.

2. They produce any number of doctors and patients who claim that animal experiments have produced useful treatments for any medical condition (including heart disease, cancer, diabetes). I will then explain why they are wrong - and why animal experiments have never produced any useful treatments for any medical condition. I will do this live and with no prior knowledge of the claims to be made.

3. They produce politicians who have reneged on promises for a Royal Commission on vivisection. I will then put to the politicians that it was their lies (and the failure of the democratic process) which has resulted in the recent activities of animal rights supporters which have so upset politicians and big companies.

4. I will name 50 drugs which are on the market in the UK but which cause serious problems (such as cancer) when given to animals. (This proves that vivisection is pointless. If a drug causes cancer in animals but is still given to people, what was the point of `testing' the drug on animals in the first place.)

I have not heard from Mr Lucena or Windfall Films. And I do not expect to hear from them.

In recent years the ban on me discussing vivisection has successfully spread into newspapers and magazines. In the last two years I have submitted numerous articles and letters on vivisection to national newspapers and magazines. Every single submission has been rejected.

Why are the vivisectors so frightened of me?


They know that vivisection is unjustifiable. And they know that I can prove vivisection is unjustifiable.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 2005