Brit milah


March 17, 2012


Here is a rabbi describing why moyels must suck the blood of the infants they ritually torture and mutilate through circumcision.

According to this man, who engages in the most vile activities because it is written in a book that he should do so...

the saliva of a human being has "antiseptic" qualities (unless, of course, that human being happens to have herpes, in which case, their saliva will be deadly and end up being the cause of death for an innocent baby boy) -

Also according to this bio-robot, sucking the blood of an infant who has just been genitally tortured and mutilated is indicative of one expressing their "passionate connection" to that tortured soul!!!


In reality, sucking the blood of a ritually tortured and mutilated human being is a prime example of a satanic ritual during which the satanic priest attempts to steal the life force and harness the soul of another human being.

Do people really find it "normal" to worship a deity that requires them to genitally torture and mutilate their infant sons -- or that willfully has his own son murdered and sacrificed in the most satanic and evil way? Do people really find it "normal" to have their whole family stand around chanting while someone slices off a piece of their son's penis - without anesthesia - and then sucks his blood? I mean - do people really believe that this is OK?

It is almost too much to conceive of. It makes me ill. What is the matter with people?

"The holy soul only enters the child at the point of circumcision..." NOT!

In truth, circumcision will cause the vulnerable, sensitive, human infant's soul to DEPART from the body, allowing another, less sensitive, tough energy to step in -- one that can handle the incredible assault to it's nervous system and physical and spiritual integrity.

Circumcision is a satanic-based ritual. It is a form of trauma-based mind-control and as we can see - it often works. It creates men like this rabbi, who can spew out lie after nonsensical lie, and justify the ritual sexual torture of infants and the ingestion of human blood.

Totally psychotic.