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Janis Fry
Paul W Greenwood

Return of the Golden Bough by Janis Fry

[2016 pdf] Ageing the Yew  Allen Meredith, assisted by Janis Fry, explores whether the yew trees known to have existed on sacred sites in pre-Christian times could be the same trees that still survive in churchyards today.

Yew tree situation and Churches

See: Taxol & Taxotere  The killing of 90% of American Yews and 3 million Chinese yews to make a toxic drug.

Thule society [1996] Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel: Israel in War - With Jews by Hennecke Kardel 

Ankerwycke Yew

[2012] The God Tree by Janis Fry
Yew: A History by Fred Hageneder 

[2013] Yew (Botanical) by Fred Hageneder
[1994] The Sacred Yew by Anand Chetan and Diana Brueton from the work of Allen Meredith 1994

Photos of yews
Assorted large yews, Herefordshire
Two church Yew trees

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Image of ‘The Other Side of Time’ copyright Paul W Greenwood.

Fortingall Yew
Various estimates have put its age at between 2,000 and 5,000 years;

Llangernyw yew, Wales (est 4,000 years)

Silures tribal area is the main Yew tree area in UK