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Post 108 
In last weeks chat, Don mentioned that he had made a small 108 (a little over a square meter) to stop radionics on his biz and was making some more to help out Stevo, Dooney and others. Radionics are often used to put a dome over our businesses, to make them invisible for customers. Frequently we boost each others biz to clear these etheric fogs.

I couldn't wait to make my own 108 and started the next day making a template on paper, using the picture Cesco once posted on EW (enlarged 6 times for the square meter endresult):

See picture on page:

However, taping the twentyfour pages together into one print, turned out rather messy. Despite my tongue in cheek effort, the circle became all crooked. Using my compasses to draw the 108 on another sheet, left me with a buzzing headache of all the measurements. I sure lost my touch with maths!

So in the end, I gave myself a break and ordered a weatherproof outdoor poster of the 108 template on pvc sheet. This Dutch company makes a 110x110cm sheet for about 108 euro  Mr. Yellow A perfect size for using half size tb's with 5cm diameter. It is quite easy (and cheaper) to have one made by a company in your own country - just look for vinyl outdoor poster/banner sellers on the Internet, there are lots! Many outdoor poster sellers have a download option for your own picture on a banner. All you have to do is:

1) download the 108 picture on
2) enlarge it 6 times on your own computer (to match the approximate square meter)
3) and order a banner at the size to fit the enlarged template

Here is my finished 108 - well, almost finished, I had to make one more small tb...

It is too soon to tell wether it is really working against the radionics on my biz. It hasn't been up for a day yet. But for what it's worth: my computer screen stopped flickering for the first time in a year (I had grown accustomed to that flickering! Thought it was due to old age. Hopefully it doesn't start tomorrow again, hehe). Physically, I felt my feet charka burning healthy unlike I have experienced in over a year too. So far, so good. I will report more in time.

It would be my pleasure to order a template for EW members. Since we all are radionics targets, our observations might be worthwhile. Please PM me for that.


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Post Re: 108 
Good job, Carolien--I'm blown away by the quality of the work!  My patterns are kind of crude by comparison.

Our business was under radionics assault a month ago, characterized by sharply, suddenly dwindled orders.  On the day when I set up a 108 the orders started coming in as before and stayed steady until a week ago, when I delivered that 108 to Dooney and Steve. Then the orders dwindled again, for Carol and I.  I'm waiting for some feedback from Dooney and Stevo, since they are also under constant radionics assault.  The other business person, besides Carolien, who is particularly targetted that way is Andy Schwarm of .  I'm not happy that we're being perpetually smacked  by the CIA and NSA this way but I'm glad nobody else among our associates evidently is.

I'm making another pattern, now, and will make some trick, conical orgonite bits for each of the 108 points. I'll use TBs sort of  like Andy's, this time, and will add nice crystals and spiral coils inside.  Cones and pyramids have almost equal energy dynamics, evidently, and I bet the cone shape will really blast out.   I don't mind the lull in business, much, because I hadn't been able to get ahead with production, so my personal life was suffering. I'm definitely NOT a workaholic.

It's still early to make any claims for this device, which was invented by Cesco, based perhaps on Kelly's earlier field experiments.

Promoting it is a little bit dicey because Cesco hasn't mentioned whether he favors others profitting from this intellectual property.  Also, when he was last here, a year and a half ago, he was uncertain whether an identical orgonite piece should go in the center of each  of the seven hexagram 'cells,' which would make the number, 115 rather than 108.

Just because Carol and I long ago gave away the plans for orgonite cloudbbusters, the Succor Punch, Powerwand,   the Big Secret, Holy Handgrenades and Towerbusters doesn't mean that it's appropriate for other inventors to give away their creations, of course.  I'm sure not giving away the formulas for the 'secret ingredients' of our own commercial offerings, after all Cool because we want to keep a competitive edge and there is always more than one way to accomplish anything.

That said, I'd be very pleased if it's appropriate for Carolien to market these beautiful templates and perhaps the orgonite that goes on them. Since the orgonite is interactive I  think it would be productive to boost it with gems, coils, etc., in an intelligent way.

The only way to get a good idea of the device's parameters is to get a whole lot of them in the hands of  people who are in a position to give substantive feedback.  That's how we test our own mods before we decide to market them.


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Post Re: 108 
My 108 is up for two and a half days now.... the skies are so amazing since yesterday evening,
I can't believe my eyes - can't believe this is from the 108 either: too spectacular.
Panoramic view is even better. Wonder if this lasts.. There is this quality to the daylight,
can't describe it - it has this extra shine in it. Very uplifting!

Sylphs all over our house...






Extra shine in the sunset light, yesterday evening....


A butterfly dancing in our backyard, the morning I set up the 108...


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Post Re: 108 
Every day sylphs over our house now...

15 July 2009



20 July 2009



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Post Re: 108 
There are other happy entities in addition to the butterfly in that photo, carolien, also something substantial in the middle of the sylph in the last photo Wink  ~Don

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Post Re: 108 
Inspired by Carolien’s experience with the ‘mini-108’; I decided to make one myself.


I marked it out on a piece of plywood in a very simple way; Just made an ‘18’ of the appropriate size on a sheet of paper like this:


Then cut a square meter of plywood; set the paper template on it and poked through each of the 18 points in turn using a bradawl before moving the paper on to its next position until all seven ‘18’s were marked with little holes on the plywood:


I then stuck a tiny TB to each point using contact adhesive and it was done.

As I was positioning the final few mini-TBs; a fresh blustery wind started blowing and Sylphs began to appear in numbers.


At dusk; three small lenticular clouds appeared in the sky right above the 108 but it was already too dark to take a photograph.

Today the Sylphs arrived again in numbers and we even had a visit from a black helicopter around midday.

As night falls once more; the sky is filled with unseasonal rainclouds..

The individual TBs are no bigger than a bottle-top and yet the sum total appears to be profoundly positive.

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Post Re: 108 
I finally got my 108 built. It's here in the middle of my flat. I haven't yet
figured where to set it up, but I was anxious to see what it looks and feels like.

It looks cool and feels good! I took a pic but the site won't accept my upload.

It's big! Four feet a side. Maybe under my bed? Dream in the 108th dimension?

I don't have any impressions yet, I just set it up.

Thanks Don, for the pattern. You have such excellent patience. Nicely done.

Those that have 108's, what shall I look for?



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Post Re: 108 

It reminds me of a Parchesi board.

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Post My 108 
The 108 is a geometrical arrangement of orgonite towerbusters on a pattern very similar to what is known as "the flower of life".
These are essentially simple geometrical patterns, based on hexagonal partitions of circles. Some people regard these geometries as sacred.

The idea for the 108 was first proposed and tested by Cesco of

In the meantime a few etheric warriors have started trying them out.
The good thing about the orgone network is that we always have a phase of testing by different orgonistas with different sensitivities. After all we don't want to promote products or ideas just on hearsay. Sometimes this may be seen as a slow down when someone is very excited about a new discovery or perception, but it guarantees that we're not falling for the trap of becoming self proclaimed new age gurus who try to make a cult out of their particular sensitivity or perception.
Our friend Manfred Hotwagner has started the etheric research forum for exactly this type of research.  

The question in this test would be if the sum of all parts in this arrangement is doing more than the parts on their own, namely 108 TBs. We are pretty familiar with what 108 TBs do on their own, as we always have a few 100 on our premises.

Friederike lovingly waterclolouring the design

Of course there is a strong and somewhat founded suspicion that certain geometries or shapes have particular energy signatures. After all, ancient traditions have put great emphasis on the study of sacred geometry. But we don't just want to jump onto the new age bandwagon and get prematurely very excited. We leave that to the wannabe Gurus, ok?
The final kick to overcome my natural inertia and  get busy with this experiment came from the feedback that some of the first experimentors gave:
The energy of this setup is appartently very strong and could give extended protection against all kinds of etheric interference.

Since we are constantly aware of  such interference being directed at us, it was a no brainer to get us started.

Georg sticking them on

And after sticking them on and putting the board upright, just standing in front of it, I must say: Wow!

Wow, I have never felt anything like it!

In a way it felt like being hit by direct sunlight, but much more pleasant and energising. (and sunlight is already pleasant, I think) But this light does not stay on the surface of your skin, it goes right through, embracing all molecules of your body. The whole space feels lit up and energized.
Also there is a sensation of a very high frequency sound, but it's  not in the ear.
We have hung it on the wall of our kitchen which serves as our dinng room as well. Whenever I walk past it, I feel compelled to stand in front of it and spead the arms in order to soak up that energy.

The night after it was finished, I went into the EW chat and asked the psychics if they could pick up some interference on our business, because I had a week with very low orders and it felt like one of the usual radionics blockades we so frequently have to put up with.  The feedback I got from Axel that evening was, that the energy of the new 108 is so strong, it has already blasted away all interference.

Finished and klaar then as we say in South Africa?

A day later I went to visit our highly psychic friend Valda and on just telling her about it, she could tune into the energy and confirmed that it's extremely powerful.
I'm still "under the influence", but I suggest you follow the discussion on EW and in the etheric science forum.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world

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Post Re: 108 
My previous post in this thread reads like an unbridled endorsement of the 108.
I would like to report that my opinion has been modified somewhat in the light of more recent experience with the device.

Following my initial glowing impressions of its effects (mostly on the sky); I began to notice a number of more negative changes in the area.

The sky became hazy and cloudless and the wind dropped; rather in the way it does during a concerted chemtrail attack (but there were no chemtrails) and the Sylphs completely disappeared.

We each began to exhibit classic symptoms of the effects of DOR (headaches, poor sleep patterns, listlessness and lack of inspiration) all highly unusual given the quantity of orgonite in the area.

It was almost as though the three CBs in my garden had all stopped working in unison.

After a few days; my suspicions fell on the wonderful 108 that everyone (myself included) was raving about.

I’d assembled it with meticulous precision from small pieces of simple orgonite so there could be nothing wrong with the stone-combinations or coils as there were none (also the drawing was both correct and accurately drafted).

The easy way to find out was to simply take it away from it’s then horizontal position (where the energy vortex was presumably effecting the sky) and stand it upright against the workshop wall.

Almost immediately the gentle breeze returned and the sky slowly cleared and it seemed that the CBs were beginning to work normally again.

The subjective negative effects on each of us continued though and I’d find myself staring into space when there were things to be done; apparently lost for an idea.

Finally I dismantled the 108 and put the component pieces away.
All the negative effects evaporated and the area returned to normal (and has remained this way ever since).

As I say; I do not know where to attribute the source of this negativity; given the wholesale endorsement of the 108 by a range of experienced orgonite experimenters, some of whom have posted in this thread.

The only other 108 I ever made was constructed from ‘lawn-busters’ (orgonite spikes that are trodden into soft ground).
Each spike of orgonite contained a Cesco coil and a quartz chip and I set them in the soil (EP-style) with a hammer.

On that occasion; I remember a fresh blustery breeze starting as I had nearly completed the arrangement and initial good effects on the atmosphere.

For some reason I became disaffected with that initial 108 and eventually dug it out of the ground and threw the pieces in the Bali Strait on a trip to Java.

I didn’t suspect the integrity of the 108 matrix at that time and just assumed that there must have been a conflict between so many coils set in close proximity to each other.

I do not pretend to understand these negative effects of the 108 and I realize that this is not the first time that my findings have been completely at odds with the general consensus on this forum.

I hope that others do not experience anything similar and that the 108 continues to get rave reviews.

I would however be dishonest if I allowed my earlier impressions of the device to stand uncorrected.



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Post Re: 108 
Dan, we're still in the exploratory phase with this device and I'm kind of proud of the way people are not getting carried away with blind imitation.

Kelly has reminded me that this is not his invention, by the way. I think I was giving the impression that it is. This is Cesco's tentative presentation and Kelly has gone on to experiment with a 114 arrangement.

So far, we've had nothing but good experiences with ours, as have Dooney and STevo and one or two others.

We looked closely at your problem in Dooney's chatroom, yesterday, and focused mainly on the unhappy entity that Kelly found on/under your property. Stevo evidently got into a dialog with this one and all the psychics had the impression that the entity is an elemental who is extremely displeased with the world order's manipulation and sabotage of Bali's energy field, also not able or willing to distinguish that from your own engineering.

Francie, early on, clearly saw a witch doctor looking closely at you these days and that one is probably associated with the elemental & anxious about the technology you're using.

Bali is the only island in that enormous archipelago, as far as I know, whose inhabitants have mostly held to the older ways and didn't embrace Islam when Arab merchants and scholars went there so many centuries ago.  I think it was only the Turks and perhaps Moghuls who forced conversion to Islam, which was very much against Muhammad's teachings.

The style of Hinduism in Bali seems to me like the more ancient animism that we see in Tibetan Buddhism and Shintoism, which may be to say that the 'older ways' involve close cooperation with elementals.  A nice confirmation of that may be the way that the Shinto priests whom Tetsuzi-san met were eager to accept his orgonite gifts for their shrine/vortex; they immediately understood the energy and its uses.

Stevo evidently worked out a deal with your elemental room mate to let you reassemble the 108 and keep it going for three months, if you're willing. He promised not to interfere during that time while he evaluates it.

We had an awful lot of fun in that chat session, by the way.  Francie's past exposure to Jesuits at college in Georgetown produced some Jesuit predators in a murder ritual, which we also dealt with in the session.  I had a notion to 'offer' these child-murderers to that elemental on your property as a gift and Stevo said he accepted.  We expressed our love to the elemental who the psychics said was very surprised to find Westerners who honored him/her/it.

We operate on the assumption that elementals are neither good nor bad but are certainly essential to all the workings of our planet.  This is unspeakably weird to mainstream folks but when one is willing to loose the shackles of conventionality it's a whole lot of fun and also empowering to interact with elementals, most of whom love orgonite, after all.

Your situation reminded me of the big elementals Carol and I encountered on Andros Island in the Bahamas, where we went to gift the blue holes.  The Bahamians on that island have gotten pretty far from their African roots and are quite churchified, so they seem to hate and fear the elementals there.  Carol immediately got the impression that they hated people on account of it but as soon as we started tossing orgonite out into the very dense bush for them, then into the blue holes over the next few days.  I heard them as galloping horses, which didn't surprise me even though you can't penetrate more than a few inches into that jungle without a bulldozer Wink and they were obviously very happy that some people finally acknowledged them. I think the orgonite also toned down the churchy people's paranoia about these nature guardians, too.

Your case is absolutely unique, Dan, but I encourage you to avoid making assumptions about the devices and will rather consider the more hidden dynamics. We want to help you resolve this.  I think that if the problem were rather with the technology then we'd have heard reports like this from other stable and reputable people but you're the only one so there's obviously something else going on.

Kelly did a great job identifying the source of your previous trouble and it might be useful for you to get acquainted with some traditional magicians on Bali if the opportunity arises.  If the old ways on Bali were not valid I doubt the people could have kept those traditions into modern times and I like to honor people who do that.  There are a few other cultures around the world who have achieved this.  The Black Caribs (Garifuna) of Central America are one and I found them quite endearing.  There are lots of them in Africa and rural Asia where Big Religion clergy haven't bludgeoned people into superstition and paranoia about natural forces.

A witch doctor in the mountains of North Thailand sent an emissary to get instructions for making orgonite from Eddie-san when he was vacationing there a few years ago.  They didnt' know each other and as far as I know Eddie hasn't gotten any followup.

I had the opportunity to receive a lot of similar stories/teachings from Dorothy the Witch, who was one of a 3,000 year family line of witches from Wales and perhaps a longer line of medicine people from the Seneca tribe.  She has travelled to over 40 countries in a synchronous way and was sought out by members of ancient, benevolent secret orders in most of those.  We could learn a lot about synchronicity from folks like these if we're fortunate enough to know them.  

A group of kindly witches gave protection to Carol and her associates when they arrived in rural Kenya 8 years ago and I believe if it weren't for that, the malevolent 'night runners' would have harmed one or more of them, then.

This is the hidden world which orgonite suits us to behold and appreciate if we'll open ourselves to it. Some of us need to abandon certain prejudices in order to venture there, of course.



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Post Re: 108 
CArolien mentioned, in the chat, that dark clouds gathered in the sky near her, recently, and she also wondered if this was an effect of the 108. After all, Holland probably has the densest concentration of orgonite cloudbusters of any country, also perhaps the highest percentage of gifted death towers and weather weapons.

Research implies a sort of commitment. Carol and I have been experimenting with orgonite for over ten years and we've personally never seen evidence that orgonite can produce harmful effects in any configuration.  The only orgonite that makes balanced people even mildly uncomfortable are the intentionally disharmonious products made and sold by a few disreputable orgonite vendors and they achieve that by skillfully combining elements that are not harmonious with each other. One is very unlikely to 'achieve' those effects accidently or stupidly.  I suppose there will always be people who lack discernment on a level that makes them susceptible to the hypnotic effects of charismatic scoundrels like those but 'caveat emptor.'

Maybe an aspect of commitment is to decide to trust that our orgonite devices are not going to do any harm, so when we get psyched out and are tempted to destroy or dismantle an orgonite device we can perhaps consider that those thoughts are implanted rather than our own.  The corporate psychiatrists in Freud's frightful Tavistock tradition work pretty hard to stampede people who are in a position to make the world better, after all.

Powering through doubt and uncertainty with some commitment can often produce real gems of new insights, too. It's always better if we discover these on our own, through our own observations and efforts, than to get them second hand.

One of the psychics noted that the corporate freaks seem desperate to find a way to overcome the positive effects of the 108, so we ought to expect a little strangeness in our vicinity.  As far as we can tell, the harder they try the harder they're falling Cool and it seems to us that this network is turning yet another corner with this new approach: sacred geometry configurations of simple orgonite.  I never could have predicted this because, before, the only folks shouting about sacred geometry were high-profile, charismatic scoundrels Wink

I guess the obvious 'next step' when seeing manifestations of the corporate predators' displeasure in our vicinity is to see whether it dissipates on its own and how quickly.  My hunch is that the more they can throw at any orgonite device, the quicker it will dissipate.

Dan, I also haven't heard anyone else report bad effects from chemtrail spraying in many years, except from the chemtrails that are sprayed below the clouds and that's quite rare by now.   When the atmosphere has a lot of water in it, the chemtrails seed longer-lasting clouds and this certainly creates a psychological effect in some folks.  When I see a long-lasting chemtrail-seeded cloud I actually applaud the corporate predators' tecchies because it's hard for them to achieve that here, as it probably also is where you live.  I think they're constantly experimenting with new , ematerials and they bring it to bear most aggressively in places like Bali, where they've lost the most ground to orgonite.

I saw one such long-lived cloud across our sky, last week, that partly dropped below the spew altitude but when I saw it a few minutes later, the cloud had flattened and was already dissipating.  I like to remind  folks who email me about their fear of chemtrails that there's usually one plane spewing the evil stuff in with the other planes that are just seeding transient clouds and the evil (bioweapon?) chemtrails are the ones that disappear almost instantaneously, I believe.  Just about everyone, by now, lives in range of at least one cloudbuster so the evil spew is disappearing fast everywhere, now.   The Chicken Little disinfo sites are the source of most of the residual chemtrail terror, of course, and the vast majority of people who see chemtrails, now, didn't notice them when they were still sickening and killing people, many years ago.  They looked and behaved quite differently, then. I should probably post about that, again.  Sometimes repitition is necessary.

Also, when there's a lot of water in the atmosphere, making seeded clouds possible, the atmospheric pressure is sometimes low and that's also associated with relative depression and ennui.   I hope this helps!

Manfred and associates are demonstrating on  how patient and observant we each need to be to explore any of these phenomena in a thorough and intelligent way.  This is in sharp contrast to the way so many of us were blindly jumping to imitate and promote untested claims and tools when a charismatic personality was the source. I think we've come a long way and it makes me very proud of everyone here.


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Post Re: 108 
I put together  a 108 a week ago in my workshop in the basement of our house and am observing its dynamics.
As far as I can tell by now, there are just positive effects. The atmosphere in the house has changed to positive.
We had a lot of bad interference within the last year and there is a noticeable change into positive.

Sometimes the interference can be very bad, as we could notice earlier this year, when, after a time of oppressive atmosphere we had a bad thunderstorm, including a lightning that struck an electric transformer, just a few hundred meters from our house.
Such things normally don't happen close to an orgonite CB, so the sewer rats had put BIG EFFORTS into the attempt to make us believe that orgonite would not work.
I'm quite sure that this was the revenge for the discover of the "canned orgone effect" and, for sure, also for putting up

Anyway, it was only a transient phenomenon.


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Post Re: 108 
Dan, I have to back you up to some extend – that is, I’ve also disassembled my 108 for a few weeks. Mainly because, at some point, there was too much going on (as posted here and here) for me to discern what caused what. Especially the thought-manifestation occurrences confused me. Believe me, the amount of bugs manifesting was not funny and I felt like a wicked witch for the way my negative thoughts became instant reality to people around me. So, besides disassembling the 108 I also disconnected every SP and other possible thought-enhancing equipment in the house – to gradually build things up again, one by one, and see what would happen.

I didn’t want to post about it prematurely, because going public with observations often has it’s own dynamics, while temporarily disassembling the 108 was intended to pace myself in the process of understanding it’s possible interactions.

Also, including the 108 in the reduction of possible outside influences – to check if all this was interference or perhaps some personal process – was a reluctant thing for me to do, for I was so curious about it’s possible effects in dissolving negative thoughtforms, as reported by Carol.

Then Francie emailed an observation that swept me in doubt about the corruption resistance of a 108 and made me decide to temporarily remove it. I better post part of her email here as a quote, to not loose words in translation.

Francie wrote: 
I can already see some occult geometry being put over your location.... I looked and saw this geometry again last night.  As I approached the geometry it flashed and I saw bloody bulls' horns and spring/early summer fields.  I think that was the energy of this spell being made.  I know biodynamic farmers still use the energy of the horns in their fields.  What I saw over you would  be a corruption of this very old abundance/growth/fulfillment power ritual.

In previous observations, Francie and Bob had seen my sleep deprivations derive from astral projections during sleep. Part of me had been flying in the 108 vortex and somehow been captured,  by the spell and my own lack of grounding (thus the fear of going to sleep). Things felt a 100% better and back to normal after Francie had removed this geometric overlay. But that left me in doubt whether this could happen again, as you perhaps can understand.

Anyhow, all this kick-started a serious commitment to exploring my own habits of thought and disciplining myself into more positive think. As I said in the “bugs” post, it reminded me of experiencing George Orwell’s room 101 (‘1984’), where people are tortured with their own fears until they give up their concept of reality.

After disassembling the 108, the only outside influence left was my detox program. I need to add this and risk more controversy – for this detox had a profound effect on my tendency to think in negative circles. It convinced me that parasites have a role in maintaining negative thoughtforms, for which we blame our character.

My 108 is up again. I feel strong enough to take more occult spells to test if they really can corrupt a 108’s energy or see if I can manage myself now. As for the interaction, both Francie and Dooney saw my 108 more grounded now. Maybe it’s all part of a personal process, who knows? This etheric world leaves me flabbergasted all the time. But thoughtforms seem to be very real! Now I am curious how much happiness I can take Wink

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Post Re: 108 
My posting does not referr to the 108 but when when i read your posting, Manfred, I immediatly remembered a situation that happenend a few weeks ago so I want to share it .

In august my girlfriend and I spent our holidays in Sweden. We did some gifting there but we also spent some days with fishing, campfire ect.. One evening we came back from the lake with our canoe because there were dark clouds on the sky. We left the canoe down by the lake and went a small way up to our cottage. Only a few steps before we reached the cottage there was a small wooden electricity pylon(maybe 7m high). When we were walking directly  near that pylon I looked up and in that moment I saw a lightning flash on the top of the pylon immediately followed by an enormous clap of thunder. Everything was turned into blue light. Anna saw everything in pink light.  We had big luck to be still alive, I think ... and it had been the only lightning in the environment of our house on that evening. When the lighting stroke we had a big Orgonite ( 5 kg) in our canoe (that we used as an anchor) about 100 m down by the lake and a HHG in the cottage . We both wore the harmonic protector. (we wear the HP's day and night since the day we had got them). When I read your article , Manfred, I remembered that occurence and I thought that possibly the lightning had been an attack...  Embarassed   ....

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Post Re: 108 
Good thread, guys.  I suspect that many variations and combinations of hexagram arrangements of orgonite pieces may produce the same or similar results and maybe even putting a bit of orgonite on each line intersection of a Flower of Life would do the same.

I keep coming back to the notion that Kelly's initial idea to put six TBs on a stubborn corrupted energy line to break the cycle is what led to all this.

I love what a 108 arrangement has done for our business and the psychics are getting good impressions of theirs.  I hope we can all eventually get to the point where we won't fear orgonite at all.  The only folks who have cause to fear it are predators and parasites, after all.

Kelly's pushing a '114' arrangement and I encouraged him when he was here, to submit it as an enquiry on Manfred's forum, where I think anything will get a very fair and impartial hearing.  The benefit of a science forum is that the personality and charisma aspects that attach to a device or name are filtered out in the experiments.  What we do, here, is more subjective and I hope that most of us are mainly concerned about clearly identifying the purpose and efficiency of any new invention as dispassionately as possible, the way we'd buy a car or choose a mate.

If we present the 114 in a conflicting way, here, it will just confuse our readers and cause our enemies to gloat. We're only starting to figure out the parameters of the 108, after all.  CArol and I, David Rogers and a few others have made and deployed quite a few 19s in the environment but I don't think we ever got as clear an impression of what that does as some of us have gotten in a dramatic and immediate way with the 108.  I hope we can avoid silly conflicts based on personal preferences. Most of the inventions I've promoted, here, were developed by others so I don't have an axe to grind, that way.

I could mention that the fact that some folks became afraid and dismantled their 108s is even an indicator that it has real power.  I remember the early days of orgonite cloudbusters when some folks became terrified by the effects and dismantled theirs.  I don't think that's happened in a long time.

I used the pattern for the 108 that Cesco had given me last year, after his visit.  If I had more zeal I'd make a 114 pattern and start experimenting with that but I'm personally content with the 108.  Maybe I'll do a Flower of LIfe pattern.   Wouldn't it be funny if we were the first people to actually see some benefit from this pattern after mouth-breathing newagers have been practically worshipping it for a couple of decades without having any real understanding of its use? Wink

Remembering the almost evangelical way that the 'underground cloudbuster' was promoted awhile back I've got my fingers crossed, hoping we won't get mired down with a similar blind promotion of the 108 or any of these other hexagram arrangements. So far, so good though. My fingers are crossed because I don't relish spending hours and hours on damage control on account of the confusion/charisma element rearing it's ugly head, again.

None of the inventions that Carol and I have shared have been promoted blindly, I'm happy to say, but maybe this is on account of our thoroughness and also our efforts to get unbiased feedback from other experimentors before making any claims for them.

The fact that Carol and I don't have any groupies or sycophants is something we're quite proud of.  Reich also knew that sycophants will destroy any progressive undertaking and he was adamant that nobody, certainly including him, will ever have the last word on anything. Someone ought to remind DeMento of that Wink

Having said that, we've always valued the substantive contributions of people who are burdened with personal charisma and have encouraged our readers and the EW contributors to avoid blind imitation. It's funny to think of personal charisma as a handicap but I think it usually is in a grassroot movement.

The 108 seems to have disabled the radionic effort to erase us from public awareness,  in terms of money coming in for our products, but some of the new customers treat us pretty badly, right off the bat--weird problem that started last year and we suspect radionics is the cause of that, too. The 108 hasn't touched that, though I always answer back when a stranger treats me with disrespect Wink and sometimes I post their comments if they tickle me.

Charismatic disinformants who sell orgonite rather treat their own customers like whores and usually get away with it Cool so I think federal radionics are supporting those fakers but I think that our customer base are generally more inclined to personal integrity and discernment than the fakers' hypnotized customer base are.  The latter vendors are the ones that the search engines favor, as you may have noticed when you started looking for information about orgonite online.  It's kind of funny if one can step back and look at it dispassionately.


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Post Re: 108 
The 'Last Word' issue has been a real bugger.  I like to draw your attention to our very capable psychic associates when this rears it's ugly head because all of them seem to instinctively know how to avoid being put into that stifling, arbitrary-authority position by a few vocal sycophants.

I encourage blind imitators to rather rely more on their own intuitive processes than to just trumpet the claims of others.  All of us have intuition and all of us are capable of discernment and independent thought, after all.  Real progress comes from letting our egos and desires take the backseat and to focus most of our attention on the quieter promptings.  When we get into that wonderful state we're then capable of networking smoothly and productively.  I get feedack from readers who appreciate this encouraging feature in the postings on Etheric Warriors. They also appreciate the diversity of our membership, by the way.

The reputable psychics in our chat sessions are also eager to experiment with new devices and combinations, so I'm hoping that the talented inventors in this unorganized effort who seem so eager to have the last word will feel more inclined to put their egos in the passenger seat and focus mainly on their quieter promptings, as our psychics do together. It's a powerful process and a lot of fun, too.

They are Carol, Dooney, Stevo, Francie and Axel, by the way.  People don't trumpet their names because they don't seek a following, so I plug them as often as I can.   They're making history, after all, and most of the really important stuff in history has no fanfare to accompany it.   There will no doubt be more reputable psychics networking together as the years pass and there will hopefully be other English-language forum efforts that feature reputable psychics because it seems likely to me that the potential is there. Most psychics and energy sensitives can't or won't set their egos aside but that just shows us that psychism is not a sign of spiritual advancement but is rather a gift, like music or sculpture.  The new approach to science seems to be dependent on the observations of psychics, though, at least until someone develops reliable  technology that can see and evaluate  subtle energy dynamics.

Meanwhile I feel both obligated and almost obsessed with ensuring that blind imitation won't bulldoze this forum off into the sidelines. I want Etheric Warriors to remain an English language orgonite forum that genuinely inspires and empowers our readers and adequately represents the specific accomplishments of this huge, historic effort for the record.

Speaking of the record: one of our French contributors is contriving to set up a pretty impressive timelapse photography process. Dr Reich used to record some of his cloudbuster effects, that way, and it's high time that we, too, start filling up the record with similar presentations.  They're good empirical evidence and very beautiful and inspiring.  I think it's the best way to understand weather dynamics, too.

The social parameters for success of a progressive movement are narrowing, now, so I think we're seeing less and less room for personal aggrandizement. I personally think it's a positive sign; an indication of the growing necessity for personal integrity as human awareness and responsibility continues to expand.


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Post Re: 108 
I wanted to post about our experience with the 108 to add to the general knowledge. Don graciously brought us a 108 in July and we immediately set it up in our pasture, right in the middle of the labyrinth I had just finished constructing. Within a week we noticed that Stevo's business had started increasing. His biz has been slow all year, so it was a pretty dramatic change. We also noticed a lot of sylphs in the sky, which is actually not unusual for us. Within a few weeks, we heard about Carolien's problems with her 108 and we perceived that her 108 was being attacked (confirmed by Francie's observations). We did not experience a similar attack and Don speculated that the labyrinth was somehow protecting the 108.

On July 12th, a forest fire ingnited three miles from our home. It wasn't really a concern until it began to move in our direction around the end of August. Don and Carol were visiting with Chuck and his wife Joan, and Carol and I glued the 108 pieces to the board, and Stevo set it up against a tree in the pasture, pointing toward the fire. That night before going to sleep I checked in with the energy of the 108, and I could feel it working on a giant fire elemental that was hovering over the mountains where the forest fire was burning. The 108 really calmed down this elemental, and shrank him to normal size. The fire continued to rage, as we had wind and hot weather, and the next weekend we asked the chat group to boost for us. They worked on our fire both Saturday and Sunday, and Sunday night we received about 1/2 inch of rain. I also pointed our 10-foot CB at the fire.

By the next day, the fire was so much diminished that we couldn't see smoke from our house. Even a few days later when the wind picked up, the fire did not blow up big again, and it now appears to be out. I don't know if the 108 is completely responsible for this dramatic change in the fire situation, but I know it helped. The group boosting was the final push the whole situation needed - thanks chatters! And I believe the 108 is totally responsible for the shift in Stevo's business. When they try to slow down his business, they typically use an energetic dome over our house and property to make him invisible to patients. Since putting up the 108 they have not been able to create the dome.

What we found in the chat the other day when looking at Dan's 108 problem is that the angry elemental on his property was not allowing the energy to penetrate into the earth. I hope that Dan will reassemble his 108 and let us know the results. It seems the 108 is very attuned to the energy of the person who is using it, and to the conditions of the earth energy where it is being placed. In some ways, it reminds me of Carol's HP, which is a good tool for awakening and bringing about a spiritual change.


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Post Re: 108 
Thank you for sharing your experiences with the 108 Dooney,
and also with the elementals. I made some own experiences with elememtals too, some years ago but i did not go further into that matter because at that time I have been involved in the widespread esoteric trash refering to all these things. So I stored these experiences away, hoping I would get more clarity about all the these things some day.
Now I got much more clarity.

Its a shame, that the the geometry of the "flower of life" came to be known by books from men like Drunvalo M.. When a friend told me about a seminar of Drunvalo in Germany some years ago, where hundreds of people came and many many other wanted to come to that weekend seminar but they got no more vacant seats, then I knew that there must be something fundamentally wrong with that person.  (by the way, he made thousands and thousands of $ on two days!)
All the better it was for me to read the stuff DB and others wrote about these dark mindcontrolled Newage-Gurus. Thanks a lot at this place.

Now I am just making my own 108 and I think, I am gonna feel how it works.


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Post Re: 108 
that's interesting stuff Dooney, thanks.

I made an 8ft by 8ft one last autumn that Cesco drew, and buried it about 6 inches underground.  Can't say if it did anything but the harvest went Ok this year, over last year's almost disaster due to constant rain.

I made a mini one 50cm diameter with about 3/4 fl oz TBs, that Kelly measured the energy field to be 99inches from the centre, about 5 times the diameter.  I glued them in place with mastic called 'Sticks Like Sh**' no kidding.

I made a 114 first by mistake which we put together but he couldn't see anything going on at all.  I had put the crystals in flat whereas with his he had put them in vertical.  The 108's work ok with them flat.  

I put two mini 108s in the court cellar to see if it would shift the demonic entities out, but all it did was get them to move around away from the 108.

That Drunvalo story reminds me of what Mullins said about speakers fees, the 50-100,000 $$ ones tell you nothing while the free ones give you real knowledge.

This looks like the 114 (use different circles with 108):
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Post Re: 108 
Hi Axel and John.

It's a 114 and not a 108.
It is John's 114 and not mine.
I noticed pieces missing and decided (rather mischievously) to add them using Photoshop and re-post the 'completed' image.
Thanks, Axel for pointing out the missing piece in the top left; duly inserted.

Hope that explains things.


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New post Re: 108 
Kelly has posted his observations on the 108 and the 114 on

Here are the observations on the 114

Here are the observations on the 108

One One Four

Postby laozu » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:05 am

The events which led to my consideration of the "114", and one way to construct it, are related in the topic "108" posted in this same forum.

When I constructed it outside, after disassembling the "108", I found that the positive dome of qi was no longer there, nor was there a cylinder of negative qi rising up from the center.

There was a strong line of positive qi rising up into the sky in the center, and negative qi was being attracted to it, in some way like the operation of a CB.

Thus the "114" was more dynamic than the "108" in that the qi was moving rather than static (in the "108" the qi did not seem to be moving in or out of the dome, or moving in or out of the cylinder, at least from my viewpoint on the ground.

Two weeks later I visited Manfred in Pinkafeld, Austria, and we built another "114", examining its properties with more care and attention. This will be the subject of a subsequent post.

As before, I emphasize that I am promoting nothing here -- just recording observations.

One Zero Eight

Postby laozu » Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:46 am

For some reason, six TBs placed equidistantly in a circle seems more potent than other circular arrangements of TBs. In the spring of 2008, while visiting me in America, Cesco came up with an idea incorporating this fact in a more complex arrangement. It seemed worth testing out to me and we cleared a large space on the shop floor to test it out.

Perhaps the simplest way to understand it involves the so-called "18". To make an "18" one may first construct a regular hexagon. Then he draws straight lines joining alternate vertices of the hexagon. The lines cross in six new points inside forming a new regular hexagon inside of, and concentric with, the first. Now he repeats this process on the new inner hexagon to obtain a third hexagon inside the second. After placing a TB on each of the 18 points of the three hexagons, he has an "18".

To construct a "108" one may first construct 7 identical hexagons as in the "18", and then arrange six of them around the seventh, where one edge of each of the six touch one edge of the inner seventh. The inner seventh "18" shares each of its vertices with two of the other "18"'s, and each of the six other "18"'s shares two of its vertices with its two immediate neighbors. Thus the total number of vertices is 7 times 18 minus 12 minus 6, or 108. One places one TB on each of these vertices to get a "108".

After we constructed a "108" on the shop floor, we noticed a ring or wall of positive qi some distance away from the "108" and concentric with it. We moved the old shop couch so that the wall passed through it, and sat down on it. It felt quite positive and relaxing on the couch. We were impressed enough by this experienced that we decided to construct a more permanent "108" outside, so that we could view it without the restrictions of the ceiling and walls, and so that we could observe its effects over time.

I purchased several sheets of plywood, cut it and arranged the pieces into a square, and drew in the places for TBs on the plywood. We made wooden cylinders with holes in them just large enough to place the TBs inside. Then we moved the plywood into the center of an adjoining field and glued the cylinders to the plywood. Finally we placed the TBs into the cylinders, which were designed to keep the TBs in place in case of wind.

Don and Carol Croft came visiting several days later, and they told us that they had noticed an empty spot in the cloud cover over the "108" long before they came with in sight of the field. Cesco left with them later that afternoon, to spend several days before returning home to Iceland where he was living at the time, and explained to them how the "108" was constructed. They built a few models which Don has described on EW.

Several weeks later some person or animal had kicked loose some of the wooden cylinders on the plywood, and I had to go out into the field to repair them. During the process I discovered that I had not accurately drawn the geometrical figure for the "108": there were 114 cylinders instead of 108. I emailed this fact to Cesco, and about this time he took his drawing off his web site.

I was rather busy at the time, and did put attention to the matter until this August, about a year and a half later. This was after I learned that others were making "108"'s and that there was public discussion of the subject. Since I had made the mistake which led to Don and Carol's interest in it, I felt I had a responsibility to look at both the "108" and the "114" more closely.

I went out into the field and stared at the configuration on the plywood. I found that not only were there six more TBs than in the "108", but that they were arranged in a fundamentally different way. The arrangement consisted of "18"'s, but the "18"'s were placed together in a different manner. Instead of the sides of the outer six being next to the sides of the inner seventh, the vertices of the outer six touched the vertices of the inner seventh. Thus each vertex of the inner "18" shared was shared with the vertex of one of the outer six, each each of the outer six shared two vertices, one each with one of the other outer six. Hence the total number of vertices was 7 times 6 minus 6 minus 6, or 114.

I went back to the shop and made seven "18"'s, each on a separate piece of plywood, so that I could arrange them either as a "108" or a "114", and compare. I first looked at the "108", this time outside. I found that there was a concentric wall of positive qi around it, as before, but that the wall curved in and joined together over the center as a dome or hemisphere. Furthermore there was a cylinder of small diameter based at the center of the "108", composed of negative qi, which extended as high up into the clouds as far as I could perceive. There seemed to be little motion of the qi, either in the dome or in the column. It looked as if somehow the arrangement may, like the Cesco "little secret coil" have separated neutral qi into two parts: one positive and one negative.

What I found when I constructed the "114", I will describe in another topic of the same name. At this point I will emphasize that I am not promoting either the "108" or the "114" -- just describing my observations.