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“The Holocaust museum is beautiful, and the message ‘never to forget man’s inhumanity to man’ is timeless. The children’s museum is particularly heart-wrenching; in a dark room filled with candles and mirrors, the names of Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust are read aloud with their places of birth. Even the most callous person is brought to tears. Upon exiting this portion of the museum, a visitor is facing north and is looking directly at Deir Yassin. There are no markers, no plaques, no memorials, and no mention from any tour guide. But for those who know what they are looking at, the irony is breathtaking.”--From "Deir Yassin Remembered" by Dan McGowan

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Deir Yassin 250 people were murdered in cold blood. Of them 25 pregnant women were bayoneted in the abdomen while still alive.
Gaza Genocide 2008-2009
Qana massacre (1996)
Massacres against Palestinians (1947-1994)



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[2009] How to Kill a Palestinian by Dr. Elias Akleh

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This handout photo taken by Swedish photographer Paul Hansen and released by the World Press Photo shows the bodies of two year-old Suhaib Hijazi and her three-year-old brother Muhammad, who were killed when their house was destroyed by an Israeli missile strike, being carried on November 20, 2012 in Gaza City (AFP Photo / Paul Hansen)
A picture of two Palestinian children killed in an Israeli airstrike has won the 2012 World Press Photo award. The photo was taken by the Swedish photographer Paul Hansen, working for the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.
Taken in Gaza on November 20, 2012, the photo shows a group of men marching the dead bodies of a brother and sister, wrapped in white cloth, through the city. The piece portrays what's become a common scene on the ground under Israeli occupation of Palestine. With this award, Palestinian plight is being seen by more and more people worldwide resulting in increasing support in favor of Palestine and worldwide condemnation of Israel and its brutal oppression of Palestinians.

The above pictures are frames from a shocking scene captured by a France 2 cameraman near Gaza Strip. The footage shows Palestinian father Jamal al-Durrah, trying to shield his 12-year-old son, Muhammad al-Durrah, from gunfire while hiding behind a concrete wall, signaling and calling out to Israeli troops to stop firing. Jamal’s son was shot dead and he himself, gravely injured.  The Muhammad al-Durrah incident took place in the Gaza Strip on September 30, 2000, on the second day of the Second Intifada, amid widespread rioting throughout the Palestinian territories. Jamal al-Durrah and his 12-year-old son, Muhammad, were filmed by Talal Abu Rahma, a Palestinian cameraman freelancing for France 2, as they sought cover behind a concrete cylinder after being caught in crossfire between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian security forces. The footage, which lasts just over a minute, shows the pair holding onto each other, the boy crying and the father waving, then a burst of gunfire and dust, after which the boy is seen slumped across his father's legs.  A documentary overview of Al Durah ( Must Watch ) :

The Killing of Iman al Hams