David Icke

A conspiracy of Silence

By Don Bradley


I’ve been putting up material on the problems of our times and the reasons for them since April of 1995. Just now, I did a search on my name and links related thereto on Yahoo and found only three links, all of them outdated. Other than a few people from the orgone community, there are zero links back to this site or the blogs and pictures. Do a search on Don Bradley and Reptoids and you get nada. Even though I’ve been putting out material longer than anyone on the web. Period.

Now, if it were just words, like everyone else is doing, I could see that. I can see why all the conspiracy web sites ignore this material and the photographic evidence presented. Because we are moving beyond words and dogma and so and so said so, into a phase of evidential proof.

And that scares liars. Because their agendas are exposed when proof emerges as to the nature of reality. It’s one thing to say reptoids exist, it’s quite another to offer visible proof. The words out there have the same ring, the same tint, as they’ve always had…signifying nothing.

Name me one conspiracy site that links back to UNWANTSUN.COM?

I’ve contacted David Icke in the past and he’s completely ignored me; to him, I don’t exist. Looking at this site, his lizard material and links are all from the 1990s, unless I’ve missed something. Now, Dave is running for elected office. If he wins, he’s network. In our time, NO ONE is allowed in power politics unless they are in play—part of the network. That’s a fact. Like Ron Paul—who I remember from the 80s, a HUGE Reagan supporter and on many senate arms committees—false leaders are given over to the world so they can control both sides of any question. It’s all about dialectics. Understand dialectics and you understand how this is done. Let’s face it. Elections are rigged and controlled and have been for many, many years. Anyone who actually believes in honest elections by the people must also believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

Happily, the right people who need to know AND see what is happening to them will find what they seek. Regardless of the dearth of silence from the conspiracy community.

There have been a great many lies spread about me by people about my past. That’s fine, but the material speaks for itself.

And it always will.