A few words

Sky commentary

By Don Bradley


Since the whole sylph topic was introduced by me in 2004, a few sites on the web have taken it upon themselves to offer up explanations for something a great many people have known about for ages, though it generally has been kept quiet. In Collier and Ives prints, dating back to before the Civil War (1860-1865), you can see that pen and ink and water color artists had added faces into the trees and clouds in those prints. You can see it intentionally added into the backdrop sets of varying movies. These artists know and can see, or it wouldnít be there. So, itís not something new. This truth of life has been around and in print going back to the time of Gutenberg. A simple perusal of art books in any public library will bear this statement out as fact.

The reason for this strange code of silence on these topics is because they have to do with the primary elemental kingdoms of Earth. Kingdoms that science denies that exist, but those traveling the path of life interact with, good and bad.

And those who can see and function with these kingdoms know that there are dark agencies that want that information controlled and suppressed. Just like the media does today. In fact, the word media is a few thousand years old, taken from the word Medes. The Medes were black magicians, skillful in the art of illusion and magic. What better word to describe film and television: illusion and magic.

Rather than deal with these subjects honestly, web sites are trying to take the lead on this information and spin it in wrong directions. Itís pretty obvious who they are. Itís the same old stuff, nothing new, ever. And the same old pictures; again, nothing new, ever. Only when new material comes out, do they finally acknowledge it and try to spin it to whatever agenda is being sold through the ďnetwork.Ē Their pictures are grainy, out of focus (sometimes), and very often ambiguous as to content. Mainly, detail is lacking. Then comes the generalizations of what it means; the spinning of the web without clarity.

To make it worse, on top of that spinning, comes the outright nonsense about the nature and meaning of the images. Then we are pointed to individuals who have the spiritual light of a rock and told they are the new etheric imagry leaders who are on the leading edge of truth. And within weeks, they have radio shows, lots of blather, and again, little real documentation done with their own hands. Itís usually someone elseís work, and itís also usually, low-grade in quality. Or, we are treated with insinuations that some person has amazing quality stuff, but we never get to see it. And if we do, we are fed a basket full of lies about its meaning.

What we need to be watchful for is the constant back-patting and glad-handing these sites offer to these new personalities, when their material is basically washed up old internet stuff thatís been around for ages. Nothing new. Devoid of insightful content, and the sites seethes with one quality Iíve noticed. Total Contempt for the truth and for ďhonestĒ truth-tellers.

Itís sad to see that, really. But, when individuals live on hate, only colors of hate come from them.

Truth is a tough quality in a time of liars and lies. Itís a path that requires much from a person in every aspect of their reality. But, once you get a handle on it, live it, and try to be it, you have the trust and confidence of Higher Agencies. Thatís the one thing the network is unable to purchase. They can mimic it, pretend to pretend to be it, but to be the real deal is something totally outside of their ken. As well it should be.

Honesty and Truth are the two feet an aware soul walks with in pursuit of life. The engine of those legsóa loving heartóis all one needs to see reality, understand it, and move forward. Anything short of that is oblivion.

Living in our time requires much from us, the best we can be, really. To make sense of things as the spiritual realities becomes more visible requires we find those spiritual realities within ourselves FIRST. Before we can make sense of the outer, we must get a handle on who we are, what we are, and why we areóthe inner.

Often is it said by the Greats of the Past to understand the path of Love and become it. Whatever that means to you. For the understanding of love is both highly individual and universal. But, it is necessary to understand the inner realities of existence. We must face ourselves and see what is truth in the mirror of our own chambers. Get rid of the false self, and embrace the loving, honest self. Once the false self is let go, the Kingdom of God can emerge. Once the Kingdom of God emerges, can we then understand the outer kingdom of God, the illusionary world of form, weight, and number, in which we all live, move, and have our being.

Value those moments when the truth of things are made visible to you. Embrace the truths, dump the lies. And liars. For their road is ruin. Their mutterings are falsehoods. Their material is bogus. And become free.

Eating truth, listening for truth, and living truth will try every fiber of your being. But itís the only way to see reality and know it from the lie. And itís a life worth living then, what you have there, once you make the decision to go in that direction. A word of caution: know your motivations for doing what you are about to do and why. For your motivations must be pure, unselfish and wholly with WHAT IS BEST FOR THOSE AROUND YOU, RATHER THAN WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR OWN DESIRES, LUSTS, VENGEANCE, HATRED, AND MALICE. Those who act and speak with lower motivations animating them are creating endless consequences in their life that will then steamroll their world into a quagmire of misery.