A Flood of Emails Allegedly from our African Associates

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New post A Flood of Emails Allegedly from our African Associates 
 March 2010
If you're in touch with any of the East AFrican gifters or have just started receiving emails allegedly from them, please forward what you get to me atdoncroft@wildblue.net for now, okay? 

The sudden interest in orgonite among fishermen on Lake Victoria and among farmers in the countries along the shore of that inland sea has evidently alarmed the $#!+birds so much that many of us are getting emails that are obviously 'off' and a lot of these are obviously written by well-educated speakers of English. 

The scam is to get us to distrust Mrs Odondi in Kenya and Christine Oginye  in Sudan so that we'll stop supporting their efforts. I've been in touch with Mrs O for six years and with Christine for five.  Christine's husband, Salva, was murdered last year from doing this work and Mrs O adopted the two young children of Kenya's premier gifters, David Ochieng and his wife, Emmah, after those two were also murdered, last year.  Christine survived a murder attempt in December.  After we were notified that she'd been hospiatalized we went to work on her (and her Sudanese gov't assailants) in the chatroom, and I'm pretty sure our intervention in the chatroom preserved her, then, because she quickly recovered after that day .  She was at death's door and Mrs O, who told me about it,  had gone to Sudan to take care of her children while she was hospitalized. 

Really, I think they can do very well without our financial help because the first orgonite was sold to fishermen last week by Dancan Omollo and a lot of farmers in Mrs O's area are testing their orgonite at the moment. 
The more money we send to them in the short term, though, the more orgonite will get produced and distributed and this has a powerful healing effect on that beleaguered continent as well as increases the public demand for the product.  The weather, society and economy in East Africa were hit extremely hard shortly before the gifters were murdered.  Their orgonite had ended a long drought in the region but the HAARPies had managed to reverse the effects.  I bet the MI6/CIA/Jesuit consortium who arranged all that destruction felt confident that it would stop the gifting movement, there. 

Africans are very observant people so the value of orgonite for the environment is about to be revealed, there.  When we look back on this we probably won't focus on the six years it's taken to get widespread public demand for orgonite; we'll more likely focus on East Africa as the first place where public demand for orgonite was achieved in the world. 

I'm going to ask the psychics, next Sunday, to dig into this little sabotage problem and see who's causing it, then we can do something constructive about it Cool   I'm sure the ladies will be relieved, after that. 

A similar slander campaign was orchestrated against Carol, DB and I in 2003 through a fellow who was hosting a forum for me at the time.  That MI6 mole got past all of us until I finally started getting angry emails from mutual acquaintances demanding an explanation for the injurious personal poison which that forum host had been telling these people I'd said about them to him privately .   I lost a few friends, that time, but the fellow's unequalled sneakiness sort of forced me to finally start my own forum (this one). Nobody is immune from the poisonous effects of backbiting 

My daughter, Nora, who has been helping me get photos in posts,  is even getting emails allegedly from there and I haven't shared her email address with anyone Wink 

As before, please refer all requests for money from there to me.  I've been pretty explicit with these ladies that this is the only prudent course for now and they agreed and have been compliant. 

Mrs O gave me a list of the people she knows and trusts and that list is about a third as long as the list of people, allegedly from there, who are constantly emailing me. Some of them are more eloquent in English than their backgrounds would allow and I have to say it's a good read, at least Wink . I remain open to the liklihood that some of these strangers are legitimate and sincere, too.  I tell them all that Mrs O and Christine are the only ones I'm dealing with, there.   Mrs O is getting a quick course in agency sabotage and infiltration.  I told her, 'Welcome to my world.' Cool 

Speaking of sabotage, I found out that a guy who runs one of the orgonite faker forums (which the CIA-owned/operated  search engines are fond of) tells people privately that I'm intolerant, cultish and whimsically kick people off my forum after Carol advises me to do so.   This is aimed at both of us, of course.  The $#!+birds hate or perhaps fear Carol more than me. 

For the record, I rarely ask Carol or anyone else whether someone is a mole.  In the early years, though, when that fellow had gotten our confidence and was working closely with us, we were besieged with a human wave of infiltration and sabotage.  This happens to every progressivre movement in the beginning, without fail, because the corporate world order's sewer rat agencies are vast, have unlimited funding and are able to infiltrate and corrupt every new organization (they even try this in rural Africa, as you can see, and there isn't a whole lot of infrastructure, there, to support this sort of thing).   He was one of the skilled psychics in the weekly international chats who participated in the occasional screening of possible moles.  He was/is trained for over thirty years in Eckankar and the world order won't waste time on someone who is not productive.  I really did need psi help, finding the moles in time,   to keep my forum efforts from failing in those earlier years but I've gotten better at profiling moles, since then, and the agencies only very occasionally throw moles at me, now.  It's gotten more obvious, too--they're usually obsequious or else raging chest pounders. 

Everyone, even the sharpest psychic, gets fooled now and then. I"ll be fooled again and again, I'm sure, but it's getting harder for moles to hide, so I'm not concerned.  Our readers sometimes figure them out before I can, these days Wink which is good because I don't even have time to review what's posted here. I barely keep up with email 

Eckankar is a subset of the Theosophy/Masonry hierarchy, created and maintained by the same old British Black Nobility famlies as communism, fascism, the newage movement, and the environmental movement ('Algores') are.  Russell and Huxley are two of those families.  They were sponsoring Darwin at the same time they were sponsoring Marx, by the way. 

The key to getting clear of this insidious threat is to avoid organization like genital warts, also to discourage the formation of an arbitrary hierarchy and pesonality cliques.  Nobody here, including me, is seen by observant people to have the last word on anything. I constantly implore people to go straight to the basics, get busy with that,  then build their understanding and knowledge from there.  They then own what they've learned and it's got absolutely nothing to do with me or anyone else.  The fakers, along with people who unwittingly fall for the bait of obsequious people,  take the opposite approach and infer or say directly that they have personal authority.     

The hierarchy, here, is sort of inferred by how much personal sacrifice one has made for others, not least by how well one is able to put the ego in the back seat.  People who lust for leadership don't sacrifice anything and their egos lead them around by the nose so those are easy for the corporate world order to manipulate to poison the world.  By now, enough of our readers recognize this distinction it's set up a sort of peer pressure among us to post in a way that won't make us look self-aggrandizing or exclusive.    That's pretty cool Cool 

A truly progressive movement doesn't need to be organized, as you can see.  Most of the people in the world who toss orgonite don't know Carol and I and a whole lot of them probably don't even know our names. That's one of the few ways that you can tell a genuine grassroot movement from a top-down organized fake one. 

I assured the ladies in East Africa that this new difficulty is ultimately a good sign for them and that we'll certainly continue to support their efforts.   The photo of some of the orgonite they've made 'passed muster' for me when Carol looked at the energy of it and told me it's the real deal.  They've been making a whole lot of orgonite and distributing it intelligently, as you may know.