Abdullah Jim's First Report--Kasese, Uganda

Don Croft
Abdullah Jim's First Report--Kasese, Uganda - June 14, 2006 08:09

Hello Don,
  I wanted to post my report directl to EW but i faced hardships in doing that,so i
hope i should send this direct to your mail.
  Its really been hard for me to post my very first report due to some financial
constraints,but with God all is possible,i got some few coins to do it.
  I recieved my box of Orgonites from Geoge and embarked on this life time
expirience,i should confidently say,so far it has been a trip worth taking.
  I was doing  Gifting in Kasese where my University posted me for my Court
clerkship practice where by i had to attend court proceedings everyday from Monday
to Friday.This meant i only had weekends to do my Gifting.
  I started with a place in kasese called kilembe.
  Kilembe is where copper is mined in Uganda and it is an area on the slopes of
mount Rwenzori,therefore the relief is hilly.
  Being a mining centre,the people of kilembe mainly used to work in the mines as
miners but due to the exhaustion of the mineral,mining became costly to the mining
company and hence it had to halt its mining services rendering the local people
that used to work in mines jobless.
  The alternative available to the locals was to go back to
Agriculture.However,mining of copper had alot of effects on the area and among
these effects is the fact that,alot of wastes in form of Acidic and Toxic water
that was used in the cleaning of the mineral was always disposed off to the
sorruonding areas.This water due to its acidic nature led to the drying up of the
grass and in most cases it used to flow to peoples garden hence there was
destuction of agriculture which is the only source of food to these innocent
people of kilembe.
  Another problem faced by the people of kilembe is drought which can be attributed
to the fact that Kilembe and Kasese as whole,lies in the rain shadow of Mountain
Rwenzori which according to my Geography lessons,i learnt that it is on the Wind
Ward side of the mountain.This means that kasese and kilembe recieve insufficient
levels of rainfall which is needed to support agriculture.Hence low agricultural
  I decided therefore to do my first Gifting in kilembe.
    I went to kilembe on a saturday morning,it is about 20kilo meters from kasese
town and started gifting to the local people.By the way i did alot of explaining
to the people about the power of Orgonite,alot of the locals have never been to
school so i was helped by the fact that,myself being a Mukonzo which is the
major tribe here therefore i know the language very well,this helped me alot
while explaining in details to the people,...some had refused them saying it
might be bombs,..can you imagine that!
  But i assured them that this is going to be a turning point in their lives,since
alot of the problems they face will soon be History.
  I supplied the orgonites to the people,i dumped some in gardens,i advised them to
keep others in therir sitting rooms if they wishhed.
  I went back to court to continue with my clerkship and went back to kilembe the
next weekend.I was surprised with what i saw.To be sincere,kilembe on the day i
did gifting had no clear blue skies,but this weekend,it was completely blue,no
smoky skies and the people thanked me alot for what i had done.I had talks with
some homes i gifted to and they told me they had recieved good amounts of rainfall
in the week after,actually they said it rained 4 times that week which was
unussual.They say they can feel the effects of orgonite in that,coughs are not as
much as they were,i got a feeling that Orgonite had got rid of all the dirty
  It was unbelievable for me but to the local people,i had performed miracles there
as they claim.
  I therefore feel previledged to have contributed something to the very desperate
people of kilembe.
  I would like to thank the whole EW team for the job well done,lets keep up the
great work to rid the world of tyranny.As Don says 'The Meeks are inheriting the
earth". I think we are doing a great job,i'm sincerely proud to be part of this
global cause and this is an expirience i want to endure on,
  and on and on and on....
  I'm planning to do my next phase of gifting in another place in kasese called
Katwe in the Queen Elizabeth National Park.Thats if God wishes,.....
  Thanks Don for everything,for with out you,i would not be writting this report,its
been a long time,but as the saying goes 'we save the best for last',and surely i
have posted my first report,i hope to write as many as my fingers can type on the
key board.
  God Bless You All.

Don Croft
Abdullah Jim's First Report--Kasese, Uganda - June 14, 2006 08:40
For the good folks who are contributing money to the African gifting network this report must be particularly gratifying and we in the West are astonished by how readily Africans, in general, recognize orgonite's value wo quickly and know what to do with it.

I knew Abdul when I was in Uganda. He was attending high school in Kampala, the capital.  Kasese, his hometown, is over by Congo.  His older sister, Faria, whom I also know, is living in Congo, now, and would like to start gifting there. Faria told me that traffic is sometimes held up for up to a half hour when a herd of elephants cross the highway so there are aspects of the region which are pristine.  Mt Rwenzori is magnificent, by the way, and Lake Albert, nearby, is one of the big ones and can benefit from gifting.  To get orgonite to Faria it's better to have it sent to Abdul, who can get it across the border.  Mail service in Eastern Congo is pretty chancy, right now.

Abdul's mom is a widow, which means the family endures extraordinary hardships.  There are no government social services in Africa to speak of and money is scarce, everwhere in East Africa.  I've had a sense that any material help this fellow gets will benefit the entire region and here's evidence of that. 

Lots of people in this network, including Abdul, are making history now, as you can perhaps see. Have you given some thought to how marvellous it is to be in the vanguard, however obscure, of this global movement?  These are the good old days and the Africans are setting a new standard for us all so thanks, again, for supporting their efforts!

Georg's orgonite donation resource is working well, so for a hundred Euros, paid through http://www.orgonise-africa.net/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=SP04 , you can help an African gifter achieve results like Abdul reported, here.   You can specify which gifter the box of orgonite will be sent to.  Georg isn't making a profit on these, by the way, but he's never hesitated to lend a hand to his cohorts in Africa.

He and Axel will be 'seeding' a huge part of Southern and  Eastern Africa in July and August, as you know, and the more money they can get, the more orgonite they can distribute so if you're feeling generous, there's a good place to put some money.

Abdul's report was awhile in coming because it's a challenge for him to afford the time online. You can email him at jimabdul2005@yahoo.com and he'll be happy to correspond with you.