Quotes (Africa)

I've been lending out the zapper Don kindly gave me and its truly done the rounds.  I first gave it to a person who had been paralysed on one side from AIDS.  With its use within a month, he was able to start having sensations on that side and to start walking without crutches.  It's also been used for a couple of weeks by a guy who was in pain from gout, who found relief and gave it back.  Then my friend who was suffering from toothache.  He started zapping once a week, whenever we met, and found he didn't need to spend money to see the dentist after the tooth fell out, of its own accord.  Then there's the lady friend who always seems to get chest/cough infections, but quickly recovers whenever she meets me and zaps.  Most of my family have just found relief from the symptoms of flu/cold and not had to wait for the seven days or week to recover ;-)
    I for one, am grateful that I don't need to contend with tummy problems any more.  I'd thought that an upset stomach was something I was going to have to get used to as my mum had it and I thought it run in the family.  I'd spend many sleepless hours at night because of pain/heartburn/gastritis, and spend the next day feel a little off from lack of sleep and probably lower levels of energy.  My sleep was in fact becoming so erratic that even when I didn't have tummy dramas, I'd find that I was restless when I was meant to be enjoying beauty sleep like everyone else.  That is all history, am glad to say, since I made orgonite pyramids and put one under my bed and since I started using a zapper.  When I did the former, I found that even though I was still not digesting well, at least I was sleeping throughout the night, soundly.  AND I was having lucid dreams, for the first time in a long, long time.  When I started using the zapper, I first reacted to it negatively for a couple of weeks, then my stomach problems went away.  I can now enjoy my favourite chillie cuisine without angst ;-) [EW June 2006] Gifting in Nairobi...by judylubulwa