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Col. John Alexander, (also called Doctor) who has been living in Arizona, and who has been in charge of making psychic warriors for the U.S. Army, has the inside reputation of being the Illuminati’s top mind-control programmer. 12: SCIENCE No. 12-EXTERNAL CONTROLS Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

New World Order and E.L.F. Psychotronic Tyranny by C.B. Baker

Non-Lethality: John B. Alexander, the Pentagon's Penguin by Armen Victorian

John Alexander on MILABs

the SCOTLAND ST CLAIR FAMILY of the MAGDELENE LINE ( NOT of IMMANUEL - so called JESUS) are VAMPIRES.. COL JOHN ALEXANDER and LT COL AQUINO both have VAMPIRIC WIVES... i hope you can find photos of them.. i saw  COL ALEXANDERS last nite.. he was head of LOS ALAMOS.. and is called DR> DEATH.. he has a doctorate in THANATOLOGY.. and wrote the book.. NON LETHAL WEAPONS.. CHRIS OBRIEN WHO WAS LECTURING LAST NITE IN SEDONA said his wife doesnt eat.. HELL NO SHE DRINKS HUMAN BLOOD! please also see my page on AQUINOS ST CLAIR WIFEY.. btw.. the DA VINCI CODE made the ST CLAIRS INTO HEROINE GODS!.. did you see the movie.. ????? i think my webpage is btw.. DAN BROWN got away SCOT FREE.. notice SCOT FREE.. even though he stoll the ideas from the books GENISIS and HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL.. but the JUDGES of the CoURT OF SNAKES.. didnt fine him or sue him.. but let him GO since he did their bidding.. of making them.. the children of JESUS- ie. IMMANUEL>> via MAGDELENE.. 

ah ho WIO

Edward TellerMy friend, Victoria Alexander (shown on the left, obviously), seems to be living proof that an individual can defy science – on a daily basis. Here she is having dinner with nuclear physicist Edward Teller. The interesting thing to note, however, is that – while he has a plate of food in front of him – she does not. I have known Victoria well now, in the five years that I have lived in Las Vegas. I have shared many meals with her – but I have never seen her eat more than a single potato chip.

You see, Victoria lives on a less-than-500 calories daily diet consisting (since 2000) of egg whites. And, she does not take vitamins. This fact is confirmed by her husband, Col. John Alexander, a well-known expert on non-lethal warfare methods – and also a specialist in remote viewing and other ostensible paranormal phenomena. When John first introduced me to his wife, at a restaurant, he explained her dietary habits by saying that she has “anorexic-envy.” (Anorexic Envy is the title of a book in progress Victoria is writing.) But, I have no sense, whatsoever, that there is anything unhealthy about Victoria's amazing diet (or lack thereof).

You can see from the photo that Victoria is quite healthy-looking – and is, clearly, not suffering from the malnutrition that one would expect from her diet. In fact, she and her husband are world travelers. In the past few years they have visited Peru, Brazil, Antarctica, Mali, Nepal, Turkey and Argentina – just to name a few exotic destinations. She attributes her excellent health to her beliefs and her state-of-mind.

I have no idea how she manages to remain to active and vital on her miniscule diet. Perhaps it is related to the fact that she once lived in a yoga ashram in India. It seems unlikely to me that, if she were secretely binging while no one was watching, her husband would be totally unaware of this – after years of marriage. But, the only way to really research this anomaly – to the satisfaction of skeptics – would be to keep Victoria locked in a facility and monitored 24 hours a day, for many weeks at a time.

Victoria is also a talented writer. Here is a link to her regular column, The Devil's Hammer. You can always count on her to express unorthodox, provocative views. She specializes in film reviews – but has even written a fascinating comedy screenplay called BeDeviled (about a woman whose sister is having a love affair with the devil). She has nearly 500 film reviews on the influential film site

She is also a student of mysticism and of the South American ritual use of ayahuasca. She has allowed me to persuade her to post on the web a fascinating paper she has written on this topic.

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Left to right: Retired colonel John Alexander of Los Alamos National Laboratories; the super-mysterious Gordon Novel; and John's wife Victoria.





Winning the War

Advanced Weapons, Strategies, and Concepts for the Post-9/11 World
Colonel John B. Alexander, U. S. ARMY (Ret.)



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