Another Murder Attempt on Carol

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Post Another Murder Attempt on Carol 
Two evenings ago (Oct 16) Carol was poisoned, again.  She saw the guys who did it but it was after the fact. The second time was evidently more effective and she was alone at the time. The feds had just fried a computer component in our car and I had ridden to the Toyota dealer on the tow truck while Carol waited in downtown Coeur d'Alene for her daughter to pick her up.

We had just read a headline article in the local newspaper about the hight school football coach suddenly dying of 'flu-like symptoms'  at a friend's home before he could be taken to a hospital.

There have been many diagnosed cases of swine flu in our area but none of them have been fatal or even life-threatening but a waitress in the restaurant (where we read the paper) told us that she heard that 20% of local MDs are refusing to take the swine flu shot because of the dangerously  high mercury content Wink   You may know, by now, that the feds are making noises about requiring all 'health care personnel' to take the swine flu shot and, here, the shots are going to be administered in the schools, starting tomorrow.

So, if PJ folks recognize that the shot is more dangerous than the flu how do you reckon the federal government is going to recover the credibility they're losing?  Carol feels sure that the feds 'sacrificed' a popular high school football coach in the beginning of football season in order to 'encourage' the PJ folks to line up for the shots.  They obviously can't force anyone but Depression Babies, drunken trailer trash and welfare recipients to get the shots, after all.  I think that only the Depression Babies and the old Marxist hippies  (NationalSocialist Public Radio devotees) actually want  to take the mercury/bioweapon  shots.

Dooney's chatroom was sabotaged during yesterday's chat session, so we struggled with the ineffective EW chatroom with some supplemental email and cellphone work.  The prose looked like troglodyte communication because we werent' able to post more than two or three words per entry in the chatroom.   Half the time we couldn't post anything at all.

Axel was entirely blocked from entering the chatroom and had to communicate with us through Carolien in The Netherlands (

FRancie and Axel did a great psi job under the circumstances and we worked intermittently on healing Carol and going after the people who tried to murder her (Jesuits--mainly sore about our gifting Gonzaga University?)  We're toying with the notion that the Jesuits are also Vryal.

Carol spent 36 hours in bed and said that she came closest to death on Saturday morning. She's doing a lot better, now, but with a very sore liver and a headache.  We'll see Doc Stevo in a couple of weeks--he's the best physician we know for providing fast healing.  He evidently dragged me back from the brink of death after our beryllium poisoning episode, which damaged my heart pretty extensively.

I pay attention to Carol's hunches.  She's feeling a little driven to put away a couple months' worth of wholesome food because she says there might be a disruption this winter and, if so, we won't be wanting to drive to town (Coeur d'Alene and Spokane).  If the PJ folks get mad at the feds for trying tyo kill tyhem with mercury and bioweapons I can see why there might be a disruption for a bit Cool perhaps as a transition toward state secessions, which I think is the answer to the ruinous federal problem.

Thanks very much to the intrepid chatters for saving my wife's life!


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Post Re: Another Murder Attempt on Carol 
Hi Don

    I read your post on the EthericWarrior website about stocking up on food for a couple of months this winter.  I recently discovered the HempUSA website, and am enjoying the high-protein, easy-to-store products.

    Check this out: -

    I was sorry to hear about Carol's recent incident.  I'm glad she's feeling better.  Both you and Carol really define what it means to be an Etheric Warrior.  You also demonstrate the invincibility of those who are being watched over by the Operators.

    I wish you all blessings.



Thanks a lot, Elizabeth.   She's on the mend pretty quickly, now, I"m happy to report.

I'm posting our note and I appreciate the hemp link.  We've been consuming superfood shakes that have hemp seeds in them, also hemp milk.   Carol will probably want to send away for the food you mentoined, too.

In the few days leading up to innoculating schoolchildren with the swine flu poison there were several very fast deaths in our little area.  The media whores are not saying they're swine flu but are clearly implying it.  Meanwhile, the diagnosed cases of swine flu around here have been no worse than ordinary flu.

I cringe at the thought of Pajama People suddenly waking up to the reality that their gov't wishes to murder them.  If my hunch is correct, that may be the source of a possible  temporary disruption.  A positive side of American (white) PJ folks is that even though they bend over backward not to know anything for sure, once an unpleasant realization has been thrust on them they often feel compelled to do something about it.


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Post Re: Another Murder Attempt on Carol 
Caol just got her hair sample results back from Dr von Peters ( and uranium tops the list of heavy metals that she was poisoned with before September.  Tin is also off the chart.  Anything that is off the chart can be seen as deliberate poisoning.  Five years ago we were both sickened by beryllium, for instance, and I was also dosed with lithium, then.

Several other 'front row' gifters who got very sick in recent years have been tested this way by Dr von Peters and we've all benefitted from his proprietary  herbal chelation methods, which have no bad effects and work pretty quickly.  If you've been targetted by the $#!+bird agencies and want to get your health back, contact him at and he offers a discount to anyone we refer to him.  He's got a cloudbuster and has gifted around his town, Chattanooga, TN.

For repairing the damage done by these clever poisonists, I don't know of anyone who can match Dr Stevo but you'll need to get yourself to Missoula for his help. is his email address .   If you want to experience a healing miracle, go see Doc Steve!

I think the aerosol poison that the feds are using to murder selected civilians'around here is biological. If so, it won't show up on a hair sample test.  That's what they dosed Carol and I with last week.  Hopefully they'l stop doing that, now that the Pajama People are dutifully filling up the parking lot at the local hospital, seeking Swine Flu shots.  Idiots.

I feel and look better than I did before they dosed me, by the way, but Carol's recovering more slowly.  No wonder, since she's carrying a bunch of uranium around in her Cool  

Orgonite evidently cures radiation sickness pretty fast but I wonder if uranium works like lead once it has lost is DOR characteristics. I wonder if anyone knows, yet.

Remember when DB reported that the feds had put a lump of radioactive material in his water meter?  In those days we were still working together and when we visited him a couple months later he was still under the gun in that very bizarre neighborhood in LA.  Right before we got there he was nearly killed by some sort of beam weapon from above and he showed us the circle of yellow, dead grass around where he was standing at the moment.    I didn't doubt his story and he was obviously still very sick but when they hit Carol with a similar beam, a couple of months later in Idaho, we saw the same grass effect the next day in that spot.   Carol wasn't affected, probably bcause she was wearing her orgonite pendant near her heart.  DB didn't have any orgonite on him but maybe the orgonite in the yard, nearby, prevented his murder.

I repeat stuff lke this from time to time because it seems important and it might otherwise get lost in the shuffle.


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Post Re: Another Murder Attempt On Carol 
I'm glad to hear Carol is doing better. Stevo and I have been under the gun the past week too and we weren't able to be in the chats last weekend. We've been boosting her liver, though. I had an interesting conversation today with one of Stevo's patients who said that three of her kids have the Swine Flu - one "got it" at a restaurant and one "got it" at Best Buy. The symptoms came on quickly enough that they were able to pinpoint where they got infected! I told her it sounded to me like they got sprayed with the virus.

Here's what I think: they've been hyping the forced vaccination issue so loudly that no one is paying attention to the fact that there is a fast-acting virus being introduced into the population. People aren't "catching" the flu, they're being poisoned. The symptoms are similar enough that no one is questioning this. I've been accused recently of being a faker and a disinfo artist because I'm not hyping the forced vaccination issue enough. My gut told me it wasn't the big issue. I think the big issue is staring us in the face and what happened to Carol is a prime example. Stevo has been slightly sick this past week and has used all his healing tools on himself to pull out of it. What he has experienced is mainly mild cold symptoms, which started on Sunday. I don't think it's a coincidence that he and Carol got hit at the same time. I think if he was a normal PJ person eating low-quality food and not knowing about detoxing and organic supplements, he'd be in really bad shape. I think Carol got the worst dose, because she does all the stuff Stevo does and she got really sick.

Anyway, I think it's good to post this info and I plan to get back in the chats to work on this issue. With our past successes in the chat I think this is something we can handle. Stevo and I have been distracted from lots of chat work this summer with the death of our beloved dog and the stressful forest fire situation. I've also been battling health issues but am on the mend. Our chat attendance has been spotty but I plan on reversing that trend as of now. "Once more into the breach, dear friends!"  Smile


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Post Re: Another Murder Attempt On Carol 
Another thing I just remembered that ought to be reported here is that I think our dog Charlie was poisoned also. Last Thursday he woke up, went outside to pee, came back in and shortly thereafter began walking around with increasing agitation, ruffling up all the rugs with his paws and lying down, then getting back up. He couldn't lie still, to the point where I had to get up and see what was going on. I couldn't see anything wrong with him, so I put the zapper on him to see if that would help. If I kept the zapper on him, he was fairly calm, but as soon as I took it off he started walking around panting, drooling and scratching at himself. Shortly after that, lumps appeared on his head...hives. As soon as I saw those, I knew he was having a reaction to a chemical. The last time his head swelled up with hives was when we bought one of those cedar shaving dog beds and he reacted to the chemical they use in those beds.

Stevo immediately grabbed all the chemical detox and allergy supps in his supplement pharmacy, and we muscle tested Charlie for what was appropriate. Stevo gave him a triple dose of the right stuff and within half an hour the hives started to recede. After a couple of hours all was back to normal.

Here's the weird thing...Charlie slept inside all night and it was only after going out for his morning pee that the symptoms arose. It's not like he was out running around in the woods and ate something that made him sick. He had been indoors for at least 10 hours. Plus, he's had an identical reaction to chemical exposure in the past, and the symptoms came on very quickly after the exposure. So my guess is that someone sprayed him while he was outside that morning. And, this happened just one day before Carol got hit.

Just more info for the record...


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Post Re: Another Murder Attempt On Carol 
Here's a successful poisoning, Don Harkins for the record. 45 years old.