Art Bell

Notice the hidden messages, A.L. and R.T. Bel? Can you decipher them? Notice that a capstone is in place? Did you notice Bel is placed above the capstone by the flying arrow? Do you know what that means? Did you spot the all seeing eye?
    Here is a clue... A.L. is the abbreviation for the Latin which translates Year of Light referring to the year 6,000 when the Illuminati believe Prometheus, Lucifer, Baal, Bel, Satan, the angel of light who was cast out of heaven, will triumph over God and mount the throne in the north (A metaphor for the triumph of socialism over religion, nation states, and the common herd). A.L. can be found by adding 4,000 to the current year, 1998 + 4000 = 5998. All who say they are Light Workers are engaged in the battle against God on Lucifer's behalf. --Cooper

1. Art Bell wears a shirt, the skull and cross bones(he calls it the family colours) with pride, and showed it on his web cam many a time

2. He flies a skull and cross bone flag in his yard

3.He mentioned once that sometimes you have to'Hoist the flag and start slitting throats'

4.He can trace his family back to the Mayflower 5. His name is Arthur Bell the III (His son is Arthur Bell the IV)

It could all be nothing, but than again you never know. Also in his last days on the air he sounded like a defeated man, like one thing after another that he loved had been taken away from. Keep up the good work, And come back to Canada soon, to Vancouver at least (We don't have flouride in the water like they have in Eastern Canada, and many would make sure you had a venue)