ATF gunwalking scandal
State Terrorism   Gun Control

[vid] Obama's bloodiest scandal and its shameless cover-up  American gun dealers were 'under orders' by the ATF and the Justice Department to sell guns to straw purchasers who would then hand the guns over to drug cartels in Mexico. The main stream media still refer to this as a 'botched' operation despite the evidence that the program worked exactly as it was designed to. As part of a plan to 'brainwash' Americans into thinking about guns in a whole new way, guns were delivered to the cartels and turned up at Mexican crime scenes, making headlines and bolstering the bogus claim that American gun laws were to blame for the violence in Mexico. The administration then tried to make the case that we need stricter gun laws to stem the flow of weapons across the border, a ridiculous claim considering that the ATF and DOJ had to SUBVERT existing laws to make the program work.