Aura clearing and blasting

by McGinty

You wake up from nightmares...or, you were dogged by Feds all day, getting a clear image of their face in your mind for later. Even that is not necessary. If the windows are blacked out, your intent will deliver to target.

Feel someone poking about your aura, same thing.

1. Get centered.
2. Fill your heart with the spirit of Love, whatever that means to you. This is the single most important step. Nothing works without this step. This must be understood.
3. Go inside to YOUR HEART center and physical heart. located at the point between your shoulder blades and behind the sternum. PUt your consciousness THERE.
4. In breathe, from on high, the SPIRIT OF LOVE, filling your body first, then your etheric web, then your auric egg until you've filled your lungs with all the air you can handle.
5. At this moment you are a radiant vessel of cobalt fire, filled with the Spirit of Love.
6. Blast outward like a cone, or a sphere, everything in your body and aura and eject all violaters, WITH YOUR OUTBREATH, UTTERING THE SACRED WORD - YAHWEH (YAAAAAAWAYYYYYY.) If you can get a tuner, get it in the key of C. G works to, for first ray bodies (tall people.)

You'll sleep like a baby.

ALso, if you do this with your eyes closed and as you out-breathe, say mentally, "show me the eyes or face of my assailant." Almost always, an inner image of some nasty, scaly visage will appear (the true Soul Nature of your attacker.) Results GURUANTEED.

Now you can pitch to proper key MENTALLY. If you are in a store or other place, where using the phsycial sound is not viable. Once you hear the right pitch, you can reproduce it mentally and you'll always be spot on.
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