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Author backs Diana conspiracy

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Noel Botham is a former Royal correspondent who believes the crash that
killed Diana, Princess of Wales, was no accident. The author of "The
Murder of Princess Diana" spoke about the details that aroused his suspicions.

Noel Botham:
'The two bodyguards swore that Henri Paul was not drunk when he got in
the car to drive Diana and Dodi. They said their job would have been on
the line......'

The French police checked to see if he’d been drinking in the bars close to
his home near the hotel.

Nicholas Davies:
'There was no single witness come forward to say that he was drinking,
and we also - we also know that only three days before he had had a
rigorous pilot’s medical examination and there was no suggestion in that
that he was a drinker, or a drunkard. ' Henri Paul had been a pilot for
over 20 years and had clocked up 600 hours of flying time.

Henri Paul’s blood samples contained unusually high levels of carbon

Mohamed Al Fayed:
‘If you have carbon monoxide of 24% in the blood, you can’t walk, for I
am certain there is foul play, I am certain it’s not Henri Paul’s blood, and
straight away…drunken driver…it’s just unbelievable.’

Conspiracy theorists now fixed on the idea that the driver’s blood samples
had been switched.

Noel Botham:
‘I was told there were twenty-two people who died in Paris that night
which were investigable deaths, for one reason or another. One of them
was a man who drank half a bottle or more of Vodka - who sat in his car,
tied, having tied a hosepipe from the exhaust to the inside of the car and
killed himself - with carbon monoxide poisoning….That man's blood,
according to my police spokesman has, who I got in the pathologist's lab,
that man's blood is the blood that was substituted for Henri Paul's. ‘

Martine Monteil, the head of the French Judicial Police who investigated
the crash, is outraged at the suggestion: ‘These stories of switched test
tubes are nonsense. Henry Paul’s blood samples have never been switched’