Authoritarian Personality Traits
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Leaders Followers
typically men (male Psychopaths outnumber females 8-1) men and women
dominating * submissive to authority *
opposes equality * aggressive on behalf of authority *
desirous of personal power * respectful of those with power
iconoclastic conventional*
amoral* moralistic
manipulative trust untrustworthy authorities
exploitive uncritical toward chosen authority
takes advantage of “suckers,”
tells other what they want to hear
moderate to little education
fear-mongering prone to panic easily
specializes in creating false images to sell self  (Tyrants using religion) inconsistent and contradictory
may or may not be religious highly religious
knowingly cheats to win highly self-righteous but little self-awareness
intimidating and bullying bullying
vengeful severely punitive
pitiless intolerant, narrow-minded
highly prejudiced against race, women, and homosexuals prejudiced against women, homosexuals, and anyone of a different religion
mean-spirited mean-spirited
nationalistic demands loyalty and returns it
militant strict disciplinarian, dogmatic
dishonest hypocritical
faintly hedonistic zealous


* – Denotes those authoritarian Leader and Follower traits that Double High authoritarians always score high on. Those (and there are some according to John Dean) who score high on more of both sets of traits than just these, “are likely to be the particularly alarming Double Highs.

Source: Conservatives Without Conscience by John Dean